Make Way For “The Kings”: Joey and Angie Mead King Become TV Royalty

What happens when the love of your life decides that he wants to be a she? That is the question TLC is asking in its latest show “The Kings”, as it shines a light on the relationship between business owning, car loving transgender woman Angie Mead King and international model-turned-TV-host Joey Mead King. The resulting documentary style piece, which will air on TLC Asia later this month, is a refreshingly different, sometimes quiet, and often funny look at a relationship that goes way beyond labels and appearances.


When Angie Mead King decided to leave her previous life as Ian Angelo King behind, it took many people by surprise. Already well known in the local car scene and business world for many years, the news put an even bigger spotlight on Angie and her spouse Joey, who saw their high-profile marriage exposed to increased levels of publicity as the media and public tried to satisfy their curiosity.

From being accidentally outed by Instagram, over dealing with media reactions, to the day to day challenges of a changed relationship, “The Kings” is not your usual reality TV show. It attempts to answer many of the questions people may have asked themselves when first hearing about Angie’s decision to openly embrace transgender life.

The-kings-TLC-asia-joey-angie-mead-king-1Angie and Joey at the premiere of The Kings in BGC

In case you’re afraid that it’s all makeup tips and fashion trips, don’t worry. Angie’s love for cars ensures that there is plenty of fourp-wheeled action on screen as well, including a look at the brand-new premises of her famous car customization business and a trip to an auto cross event (complete with goat selfies).

With relationship focused programs often aimed at female audiences, this one might just be the exception and could succeed in uniting all the colors of the rainbow in front of the screen come June 22nd, 9PM.

The-kings-TLC-asia-joey-angie-mead-kingJoey and Angie speak about The Kings during the first screening in BGC

Initially planned as a one-off special, the producers at Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, the company that owns TLC, were so pleased with the result, they have since decided to turn it into a series that will be filmed and aired later in the year. And it’s not hard to see why. “The Kings” is a gently framed, honest depiction of a sincere, sometimes complex, but always loving relationship, complete with some seriously funny undertones and an unobtrusive message of absolute love that places it miles away from loud and trashy US reality TV shows.

Part fly on the wall, part interview style documentary, the program provides truly enjoyable TV entertainment and ensures that Angie and Joey, who both waived their talent fees for the production, will climb to the zenith of Philippines power couple stardom, from where they will hopefully inspire others to embrace love in whatever form it may come.

Catch their debut television appearance on THE KINGS, premiering on Thursday, June 22 at 9pm on TLC (SKY Cable Ch 62).  Concurrently, the series will also air on TLC Southeast Asia’s Facebook page ( globally at 9.05pm on the same night, followed by a Facebook Live Q&A session with the Kings.