Make straight-forward OOTD choices with Straightforward

As a college student, it’s not just hitting the books that’s hard, deciding what to wear everyday can also be equally challenging.   

Looking good matters, but feeling good about how you look matters more. That’s how you can conquer the day with utmost confidence, and why some people really dress to impress. But, the task quite does take a bit of your time. Jerald Sze shares the same sentiments and wants to give a solution to this dilemma, which is why he started Straightforward.   


Straightforward is mostly an online clothing store that started operating last 2014. It became such a hit among the millennials with their aesthetically-pleasing branding that they’ve since opened up physical pop-up booths and actual stores in Market Market, Glorietta, and, just recently, in SM Mall of Asia due to popular demand.  

The concept of Straightforward is to provide customers easy to mix and match outfits to save you a little more time in the morning without compromising an amazing look. They sell basic clothes, which means it has minimalist designs that you can easily pair up with just about any clothing. Just based on their name, they want you to do one thing: to make straightforward decisions in your OOTD through their apparels.  

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They sell t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, tops for ladies, jackets, tote bags, shoes, and many, many more. The Straightforward team is always in the loop and wants to give you trendy attires for your everyday wear. It’s fashionable enough that even famous bloggers, like David Guison, wear them!  

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If you’re interested in ordering, Jerald shared to us that if you buy apparels worth more than PHP 995.00, the shipping fee will be waived! Take advantage of this deal and buy with a friend if you have to!  


What’s nice about Straightforward is that they also make sure that their clothing is long-lasting and worth your money. They have a brand promise that states “365 Day Guarantee” meaning what they sell can last beyond 365 days! It’s honestly rare to find a nice, student-friendly clothing that’s also durable, as well.  


Despite its increasing sales, Straightforward wants to cater to a wider market; which is why they’ll produce more clothing line for women and work essentials for the transitioning college student to young professionals this 2018. The interests of the youth are changing fast and shifting to adulthood is one of them—but hey. Who says you can’t be fashionable as a young professional, right?   


If you loved their products now, you will love the ones they’ll be releasing in the near future. Watch out for it! But in the meantime, start 2018 right and buy clothes that are practically essentials for college students. Trust me, your money and your schedule will thank you for it. Make straight-forward OOTD choices with Straightforward! 


Instagram: @shopstraightforward