Understated and Refined – The Kind of Style Every Guy Should Know

Fashion blogging is not as common to men as it is to women, but there is one guy out there that you should definitely look at when it comes to style: David Guison.


David has his own brand of style and despite sporting an arguably understaed style, he stands out without even trying. The guy has perfected the monochrome outfit with a feel that’s not too casual and not too formal, yet is still classy with a subtle edge. Maybe he’ll put on a printed or colorful piece here and there, but you’ll often see him in his default blacks, whites and greys.

While David likes to stick to just one or two colors, he adds flair to his outfits with pieces that are a bit street, like his favorite all-black leather Topstar ’77 by Pony, which he wears to complete his monochrome OOTD.

David Guison Pony 4

It’s all about finding the staple shoes that can add character to an otherwise casual outfit. David relies on classic pieces like his Pony Topstar ’77 in sleek white leather upper to sharpen his relaxed muscle tee and jeans look.


David has also successfully married travel with fashion blogging. As seen in his current Instagram feed, he’s been to a lot of places around the world – and he always does it in style. Because of this, David was handpicked by global fragrance brand Axe to become one of the three male influencers who will compete in this year’s Axe Black challenge. The Axe council needed high profile people in the online community who have built their name from the ground up. Naturally, David was the perfect pick. He embodies exactly what an Axe man is: stylish, effortless, understated and quietly confident.


More than that, David carries a mission to share his great stories and inspire young Filipinos to travel and leave their comfort zone to try something new – and that’s the backstory of his Aviation Axe concept store set to take off this October 7 at the former Promod store in BGC.

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