LOOK: This Sustainability Start-up Will Recycle Anything for Your Next Decluttering Project

Words and Photos by: Andrea Sangco

Why Opt for Sustainability?

As our planet continues to deteriorate due to climate change, global warming, and excessive land waste, it is imperative for us to look for alternatives, initiatives, and ways to extend a hand to our environment. Even with the endless campaigns that advocate environmental welfare, efforts will remain futile if people aren’t willing to step out of their comfort zones and actually do something about the current condition of our planet–as said by ChatbotPH’s Ron Baetiong. However, practicing a sustainable lifestyle is already a great head-start to actually help in lessening your daily waste.

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Our country produces more solid waste as the population increases, lifestyles are enhanced, and urban and rural areas are being developed. According to the Senate Economic Planning Office (SEPO), Philippines’ waste generation alone increased from 37,427.46 tons per day in 2012 to 40,087.45 tons in 2016. Our country has also become the number one source of plastic leaking into the ocean and the highest trash collection rates in Southeast Asia.

Humble and Common Ground Sustainability Start Up 7

Humble & Common Ground partnership launch event on February 18th

One small step to actually solving the waste mismanagement in our country is through opting for a sustainable lifestyle and keeping a zero-waste mindset. Sustainable living is the practice of reducing your consumption of natural resources by making sure that you do your best to restore and replace what you consume. It can also mean not choosing to consume products that are made using processes that do not promote sustainability. Another way to practice this lifestyle is by reusing, recycling, and repurposing your old things when you declutter your homes.

Start-Ups Team Up with Humble for Sustainability

Humble and Common Ground Sustainability Start Up 4

Start-up founders share insights about sustainability and environmental awareness 

Angel Mata, founder of the Low Impact Filipino blog, shared that she had already produced 1.5 kg of waste in just one year even with the  low-impact or zero-waste mindset as she journeyed to a more sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle. Her blog has three important keys to reducing your ecological footprint: low purchase, low waste, and low environmental impact.

Sustainability can also be implemented by maximizing space and storage start-ups. Nicholas Padilla, co-founder of kahon.ph, emphasizes that sustainable living promotes mindfulness in the products that you use and in the spaces that you occupy. Along with being mindful of your sustainable goals, you can successfully venture into your journey to being more eco-friendly by being realistic about your resource consumptions when it comes to parenting and family life.

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Humble and Common Ground Sustainability Start Up 6

Urban Green’s Founder, Ralph Becker discussing Filipino resilience amidst calamities

In terms of food and security and produce quality, Urban Greens founder Ralph Becker expounded on the significance of hydroponic urban farming as he reconsidered the threats imposed by the typhoon, volcanic eruptions, drought, and even the traffic congestion in a tropical country like the Philippines. Urban Greens transforms unused, under-utilized, and unmonetized commercial and residential spaces into more profitable and eco-friendly sources of agricultural produce.

Promoting and Living the Sustainable Lifestyle

MAD Travel’s co-founder, Thomas Graham, gives light to MAD Travel’s goal to make a difference through reforestation and job and livelihood projects. He shares his idea of traveling as a way to connect with people, to see new perspectives, and to gain insights about their lifestyle that can provide grounds of ideas for your start-ups. Utilizing the skills and the passion that you have to help with environmental initiatives is one way to make a difference and advocate eco-friendliness.

Humble and Common Ground Sustainability Start Up 5

 Humble’s Co-founder Josef Werker talks about Humble Sustainability Start-Up

As for Humble’s Josef Werker, the youth should be engaged with these kinds of initiatives through online micro-influences. As the future decision-makers for the planet, Gen-Z should be involved in initiatives, start-ups, and advocacies by taking advantage of social media platforms to promote sustainable lifestyles. Promoting sustainable living can be done by influencing one person at a time and by serving as a role model who is worthy of emulation to advocate the environment.

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If you’re currently planning to declutter your space, you should check out this new sustainability start-up! In partnership with Common Ground, Humble is a sustainability start-up promoting circular living and helps you declutter your homes by taking literally “anything” that you no longer need and give them a new purpose.

Humble and Common Ground Sustainability Start Up 3

Humble Barrels for Decluttered Items in Common Ground Offices. 

Starting February 18, 2020, each Common Ground Office will house one barrel where you can place anything that you no longer use including electronics, books, office supplies, accessories, baby items, collectible toys, furniture, and clothes. If you have too many items to donate, you can book for a home collection and Humble collects them directly at your doorstep.





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