LOOK: This Netizen Shares an Aerial View of the City during the New Year

The Philippines is known for having the most incredible celebration of the New Year, in terms of firework displays and the use of firecrackers. Last June, though, an Executive Order was issued banning firecrackers and allowing only firework displays in authorized community centers. Many breathed a sigh of relief over this as the rampant use of firecrackers is responsible for hundreds of injuries and damage to properties in the country every new year.

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However, judging by the video shared by this netizen, we wonder if everyone paid attention to the firecracker ban.

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As always, the firework displays were spectacular. But firecracker-related injuries, not so much. As of January 1, our Health Department reported that there are 191 cases, which dropped to 68% percent compared to the same period of the previous year.  Let’s hope that in 2019, there will be zero cases.

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