LOOK: This cosplayer’s ‘My Hero Academia’ costume is perfectly spot on!

Plus Ultraaaaaaaa!

One of the most popular animes today is My Hero Academia. If you’ve been following then you should be familiar with Toru Hakagure whose quirk is invisibility.

In a recent cosplay event in Singapore, one participant went beyond the call of duty to nail Toru Hakagure.

Check out cosplayer Amaya Lirin’s costume.

Thanks husbando, friends & AFA go-ers for the crazy support!!! haha. 🎉

Really glad that it made many Boku no Hero fans happy 😁
Only cosed for an hr+. It was really humid in my “ninja” outfit & heavy to carry Toru Hagakure the invisible girl but worth it!

Pls tag me if you see any photos!#bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia#AFASG18


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