LOOK: These 10 Restaurants Offer Delivery and Pickup even with the Quarantine

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10 Restaurants that are Open for Delivery

Photos 1, 3 and 4 from Diane Go (IG: @friedandprejudice) and 2nd photo from WIM Contributor Kimberly Reyes


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With the ongoing Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine in place, a lot of businesses have closed their branches. That’s why it has been increasingly difficult to get a hold of your restaurant favorites while at home. Especially if you want something different from home-cooked meals (which by the way are tasty in their own right too).

But don’t worry! A few restaurants, while operating on a skeletal force, have reopened or have remained open for takeout and deliveries. And we know how hard it is to keep track of all of them. That’s why we made it easier for you by compiling a list. Take a look!

10. Barcino Wine Resto Bar

Barcino is known for their authentic Spanish dishes, which range from hearty paellas to tapas, and so much more. If you’re looking for a platter to share among family or to celebrate birthdays even while on quarantine, their Paella de Chorizo y Pollo, or their Chorizo and Chicken paella is a good combination of meat and rice. Their Paella Negra, or black Paella, which is made with squid ink and seafood, is just as good. And to complete the experience, both come with crispy tutong (or what they call soccarat). Currently, their Uptown Parade and Eastwood branches are open for takeout and delivery daily from 9 AM to 6 PM via GrabFood and FoodPanda. They can be reached via landline at 0995-1487913 for Eastwood and 0917-7054332 for their Uptown branch.


For those who want to pay via bank transfer, Barcino also allows you to preorder and have your favorites sent via GrabExpress or Lalamove. More details can be found here.

9. Fumizen Japanese Restaurant

Nothing says authentic Japanese than by enjoying Tonkatsu, sushi and other goodies from Fumizen. Hailing directly from the Land of the Rising Sun, Fumizen comes with over 40 years of experience in creating tasty yet affordable Japanese food. Bestsellers include their Tonkatsu, a breaded pork katsu that comes with a sour-sweet sauce or Truffle salt for earthy flavors. As for sushi, their Fumizen Special California Maki is a crowd favorite, especially for those who love the combination of mango and salmon.

Fumizen is open for delivery and takeout in their Tomas Morato branch via the FoodPanda app, and they can send orders through Lalamove or GrabExpress. Plus, good news! They deliver for free to any area in Metro Manila until March 31 for every minimum purchase of P500.


And to make things more convenient, they even allow payment via bank deposit. For preorders, you can contact them at (02)77931894.

8. Megawatt

For those who crave meat, Megawatt is a good choice. Aside from mega servings ranging from pizzas and steaks, Megawatt also offers Ketogenic dishes that taste good too. Bestsellers include the hefty Aged Porterhouse, which weighs around 600g and can feed 2-3 people! Seasoned and grilled liberally in spices, this steak is so big that I think 4 or 5 people can handle it and be full after. Their Megawatt House Fried Chicken is also just as good with its crispy skin and tender meat. But if you’re looking for something ketogenic, you can opt for their Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles. It features creamy and rich aligue (crab roe) mixed with protein-rich glassy noodles.


Currently, they offer pickup and delivery options in their Banawe branch from 11 AM to 5 PM via Grab, LalaFood and FoodPanda. Contact them through landline at (02)7-903-8305 or (02)7-971-0389, or via mobile at 0917-1827583 or 0917-1869799. Their full menu can be found here.

7. Pares Retiro

Craving for heartwarming Pinoy comfort food? Check out Pares Retiro! From Goto to Pares, Lomi and even Beef Mami, they’ve got all sorts of souper soups. And for those who love rice, they’ve got tons of breakfast silogs to choose from. Bestsellers include their Tapsilog for beef lovers, Tocilog for those who like sweet meats, and a hefty Busogsilog that’s filled with all your meaty favorites plus rice! But their must-have includes their Pares Tendon, a beef stew with soft pieces of tendon and meat. It’s saucier than most stews but more rich and flavorful than a soup. And it even comes with rice!

They currently deliver in their Tomas Morato branch from 9 AM to 6 PM via GrabFood, FoodPanda, and LalaFood. For purchases above P450, you can even get an order of Classic Pares for free! To order, you can message them on Facebook or contact them at 0935-4553431.


6. The Aristocrat Restaurant

Aristocrat is known for their barbecued meats, and who could forget their smoky, slightly charred Boneless Chicken paired with their Java Rice, tangy atchara, and nutty sauce? Not us, that’s for sure. Their Pork Barbecue is just as good too. But if you’re looking for something for the Lenten Season, their seafood specials will do you good. After all, the quarantine doesn’t excuse you from abstinence on Fridays.


Even with the quarantine, The Aristocrat faithfully delivers via their in-house team, and they also offer takeout options for those in the area. Just call (02)8894-0000 or 0977-8940000 to order ahead. Their store hours vary, with the Roxas branch open from 6 AM to 10 PM, and their Makati branch open from 9 AM to 7 PM. On the other hand, their Antipolo branch is open from 11 AM to 7 PM, while both Banawe branches being operational from 9 AM to 7 PM.

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