Megawatt Pizza and Steak: A Pet-Friendly Keto Restaurant with Mega Servings

From car repair shops to traditional Chinese restaurants to hardware stores to the occasional wildcard of modern restaurants, Banawe is a bustling street that comes to mind when you want all of this and more. What happens when you fuse together a hardware shop and a modern restaurant, though? You get Build Plus+… and Megawatt Pizza and Steak!

Located just past the Philippine Orthopedic Center, this dynamic duo is the answer to the longstanding waiting game of couples. Normally, the fashionista spends hours trying on clothes while the partner seeks refuge on the store’s benches. Now, the tables have turned as the handyman (or woman) can now check out power tools, paints, and supplies to their heart’s content and the impatient partner can keep themselves occupied with food on the first floor.

Megawatt Pizza and Steak second

The moment you enter, the IKEA-like maze will give you a glimpse of what Build Plus+ has to offer.

Megawatt Pizza and Steak Second Floor 1

Brightly colored INGCO parts and tools hang from the shelves, leading you to two directions: stairs to even more tools and supplies…

Megawatt Pizza and Steak Booth

… or a dining area (where the fun begins).

Megawatt Pizza and Steak was established by a group of friends a year ago with its old location being somewhere along N. Domingo. It first started out as just a restaurant, but they changed base to Banawe because customers found it difficult to park at the old place. Being in the hardware district meant offering the very same stuff, too.

Fortunately, one of the owners deals with hardware and even exclusively imports the INGCO brand here in the country, so they set up a spot for him in the form of Build Plus+.

Megawatt Pizza and Steak Second Floor 2

Aside from selling power tools, they’ve expanded to tons of other parts and tools, as well, even selling a bright orange boat for the frequent floods that hit the streets to supplies for your very own hotpot or samgyupsal! Trust me: their lineup is complete. They even have a shabu-shabu meat doll that restaurants can wrap slices of meat around to form a dress, only for you to peel it off and cook later on!

Back to the star: Megawatt Pizza and Steak! By the very name, you’d think that all they serve is pizza and steak. While that might be their specialty dishes, though, this restaurant also has a bunch of other fusion American dishes that are guaranteed to keep you full.

Megawatt Food second

And that’s not all. They even have ketogenic options for those on a diet. Just look for the keto logo on the side and you’re good to go!

Miswa Enjoying Treats

Misua Enjoying her Treats

Aside from that, Megawatt is a pet-friendly place that offers treats and a water bowl for your furry companion. Just make sure to clean up after your pet!

Let’s focus on the people food now. These are Megawatt’s bestsellers, which you should definitely try out:

Megawatt Nacho ordinary Nachos

Nacho-ordinary Nachos (Php255)

Light and airy pita crisps topped with a mix of ground beef, diced tomatoes and some cheddar cheese, marinara and chimichurri. A great starter to share with friends, but be careful not to topple over the tower!

Megawatt Bacon Bombs portrait

Bacon Bombs (Php238)

This keto-friendly starter features bites of mozzarella cheese wrapped in bacon. It’s best enjoyed when hot for a maximum gooey cheese effect, and tastes just as great with their tangy marinara sauce on the side. It’s perfect for sharing, though I confess to monopolizing this one.

Megawatt Crab Tomalley second

Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles (Php358)

Another ketogenic dish to add to the list, this Crab Tomalley features springy bites of glassy noodles with a helping of creamy crab sauce along with pieces of shrimp and squid. The overall taste of the dish is reminiscent of aligue – rich, fatty and addicting. Shirataki noodles are actually great for those on a high-protein, low-carb diet because it’s made from konjac, contains almost no calories when eaten on its own, and aids in weight loss.

Megawatt House Fried Chicken

Megawatt House Fried Chicken (Php245 for 2 pieces, Php595 for 6 pieces)

Crispy skin plus tender meat… who can resist the allure of fried chicken? Megawatt’s version comes with a spice rub for even more flavor along with some buttered vegetables and gravy on the side. You can even add your choice of side dishes: cilantro rice, coleslaw, cheese and corn, or mashed potatoes, just to name a few. In this case, we went with the classic waffles, which have a touch of sweetness to it that really contrasts with the savory taste of the chicken.

Megawatt Cheese Cheese Cheese

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! (Php335)

A four-cheese pizza featuring parmesan, mozzarella, gruyere and feta cheese on a white sauce base. The pizza itself comes in a cracker-thin 12-inch diameter crust for that extra crunch! The overall taste is tangy with strong notes of parmesan cheese (and the legit stuff at that! None of that store-bought ones in the can) along with a delightful stretch from the mozzarella.

Megawatt Roadhouse Blue Cheese Chicken

Roadhouse Blue Cheese Chicken (Php380)

A pizza option that’s more on the chewy side, this version features hand-tossed dough topped with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, onions, and Megawatt’s Buffalo Chicken Poppers. The whole tangy affair is finished off with a creamy blue cheese dressing that really brings out the sour-spiciness of the buffalo chicken – perfect for those longing for some heat!

Megawatt Sunny Side Bacon on Crust

Sunny Side Bacon on Crust Croizza (Php273)

Megawatt’s exclusive menu item, the croizza is a cross between a croissant and pizza, and features the best of what they have to offer: a flaky crust and a layer of cheese for that satisfying pull. It’s strategically designed so that you finish everything down to the “crust”! Our version featured bacon and sunny side up eggs for an all-day breakfast treat. Rise and shine!

Megawatt Aged Porterhouse second

Aged Porterhouse (Php3,225)

The showstopper of the day: a 600g slab of beef fit for a king…dom! This premium steak is hefty not just in size, but also in flavor! Seasoned and grilled liberally, this meaty dish is said to be able to feed 2-3 people, but even I think that 4 or 5 people can handle it and still walk away full. It even comes with truffle sea salt if you want extra earthy flavors, but ours came with a large pitcher of gravy, buttered vegetables, and mashed potatoes – the classic sides of any steak dish. You can also choose from their sides, though: cilantro rice, waffles, plain rice, cheese n’ corn, or their Keto options of coleslaw or wild ‘shrooms over wine sauce.

Mega servings, mega meals, Mega… watt! Waiting for your partner to finish their shopping has never been this fun!

Megawatt Pizza & Steak

686 Banawe St, Quezon City

Open daily from 11AM to 11PM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megawatt.ph

Instagram: @megawatt.ph


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buildplusph

Instagram: @buildplusph