LOOK: The 3 PC Gaming Essentials Every Player Needs

Written by Paola Faith Simon

Whether you’re new to PC gaming or are a seasoned one, it is essential to have your own reliable gaming set up, especially if you just know you’re going to be spending hours on end playing. It’s an investment for yourself. Luckily for you, PC gamers, you don’t even have to spend a huge amount of money to build your own solid gaming set up!

Here are the three PC gaming essentials every player needs.

1. Gaming keyboard

havit gaming keyboard 3

Of course, keyboard is an important component in a gaming set up. All keyboards generally work the same, but for gaming, you should consider its built, input lag, and comfort. An all-around durable keyboard must also be a specification to look for.

This HAVIT KB465L Multi-function Backlit Keyboard is a favorite among PC gamers. Backlit with rainbow LED, playing in a dark room won’t be a problem, and it also has 10 quick-access multimedia keys on top that make it stand out compared to generic keyboards. A wide wrist rest also brings you comfort for multiple hours of gaming.

havit gaming keyboard

This multi-function keyboard is great not only for gaming but for productivity too! Use it for hours of gaming, word processing, coding—whatever you need. Together with its elegant design and affordable price, this surely is a worth buy.

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2. Gaming mouse

havit gaming mouse

A good gaming mouse must also be a priority in your set up. You will be using your mouse almost 100% of the time, so it must be a responsive one-build with quality sensors and a comfortable, ergonomic feel. You wouldn’t want a mouse that lags especially in FPS and other fast-paced games—it will definitely affect your overall gaming performance!

This Havit Gaming Mouse is built for a reliable no-lag gaming experience. It has adjustable CPI levels to quickly change your mouse sensitivity in-game. Its RGB lighting is perfect for low-light gaming, and the colors are even customizable. It’s also ergonomic in design, built for comfort, with two side-buttons which are staples in a gaming mouse.

havit gaming mouse 2

You can get both the keyboard and mouse with Havit’s Gamenote gaming mouse and keyboard combo! A 2-for-1 bundle that suits any PC player’s ultimate gaming needs.

havit gaming mouse keyboard

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3. Gaming chair

If you’re gonna be spending hours sitting down then it’s absolutely worth investing in a gaming chair. It may be a bit expensive compared to other gaming peripherals, but a good gaming chair will spare you from annoying back-pain that can also affect the way you play your games. Get what’s most comfortable for you and your back will thank you in the long run.

havit gaming chair. 2

This Havit HV-GC912 Gaming Chair is built with stylish soft leather combined with an ergonomic design that provides you the maximum comfort and back support. It comes with a small pillow as a headrest and to support your neck as well. The 180-degree back seat is adjustable, as well as the up and down regulating armrests to suit your body build. It comes in three colors—black, blue, and red.

HAVIT Philippines shares, the brand “provides a vast range of consumer electronics with unbeatable value, fashion-forward and trendsetting design, but what is never compromised is the quality of our products, which were approved by tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the Philippines and all over the world. We provide products of advanced technology, featuring the best-built quality and durability for every intelligent, creative, and motivated user.”

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