LOOK: Solve the First Ever Intramuros Investigation at Night against Kapres, Aswangs, and Other Filipino Folkore

Words By: Carinna Reyes / Photos By: Christopher Cancio

A different type of experience is waiting for you in the shadows of the walled city of Intramuros.

When in Manila, one simply cannot pass the opportunity to visit Intramuros. A Latin term that literally means “within the walls,” it was once the center of culture, governance, and military of the country during the Spanish occupation. It was within these walls where three hundred years worth of our history took place–where Rizal was unjustly assaulted and imprisoned, where Spaniards fired cannons at its enemies at the other side of the wall, and where powerful clans of the time (mostly of Spanish descent) settled.

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History thrives at the corners of this place. And of course, with history comes its ghosts. Tourists and locals have countless sightings of old soldiers and faded people dressed in the old style of clothing. But what if a more bizarre kind of creature greets you at night when you’re roaming around Intramuros?

WiM Mystery Manila x Bike Cancio 7

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Instead of people from the past passing through you, what if you hear a bungisngis’ echoing laughter behind you as you walk in an alley? See billowing smoke from a kapre’s tobacco as you stop by under a tree? Or feel the strong breeze from the flap of an aswang’s wings hunting for prey perhaps?

WiM Mystery Manila x Bike Cancio 13

For those of you who are horror fans, adrenaline junkies, and Philippine myth fanatics, Bambikes Ecotours and Mystery Manila offer an Intramuros investigation at night that you ought to experience. Its premise holds your group as private investigators hired by administrators to get rid of pesky mythological creatures that haunt Intramuros and scare away tourists. You then have 50 minutes to ride your bikes around the city in search for clues (and ghouls) as to where the next location would be, and how to fulfill your mission.

WiM Mystery Manila x Bike Cancio 12

If you’ve ever wanted a Stranger Things experience, this would be it. Riding your bikes with the blinkers on, looking for clues, and fighting monsters would make you nostalgic of your childhood, and give you an idea what it’s like to be one of the boys fighting alongside Eleven against Demogorgons. Add to the fact that Intramuros at night is creepy by itself, the investigation would surely make your hair rise on its end, and a satisfying sense of achievement once you’ve solved the case.

WiM Mystery Manila x Bike Cancio 18

For your chaperones or friends who aren’t really horror fans, chilling in the Bambike Ecotours Headquarters is a great way to unwind too. For PHP 200, you can buy a tall glass of cold, refreshing beer and PHP 50 for a Bambanog shot, locally crafted by Engkanto Brewery and Bayani Brew. Beer in hand, you can walk around Plaza San Luis and take instragammable photos or read a book to unwind.

WiM Mystery Manila x Bike Cancio 23

Truly, Intramuros doesn’t stay far behind with the times. It may be one of the oldest places in the country, but the things you can do to have fun inside are endless.

What kind of ghosts are you expecting to see in Intramuros at night Investigation? Or do you have personal spooky experiences yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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