LOOK: Snacks From Your Childhood Are Making An Appearance On Twitter And Here’s Why

If you spend a lot of your time scrolling through your Twitter feed, you may have noticed that pictures of old snacks have resurfaced–and these are snacks that have stopped production.

If you don’t have Twitter, then let me explain it to you.

It all started when Rica Diaz (@wwfomoi) tweeted an illustration of an old mini-cookie snack called “Tini Wini” and asking people to send pictures of it because none could be found on the internet. That’s right–someone couldn’t find something in the interwebs. Crazy, right?

And so, people on Twitter scrambled for photos of this rare “Tini Wini” in hopes of proving that it exists.

Where are the pictures?!

Was it all just a dream?! Was it even real?!

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Yet again, Twitter displays the power of crowdsourcing on the internet. After a couple of hours, a picture of the rare snack resurfaced.

Good job, Twitter! These are apparently the only pictures we have of “Tini Wini”, so don’t make it go away.

Rica shares with WhenInManila.com that it all started with her trying to remember what they were called. She first tweeted it through her private account–her friends started chiming in and even shared illustrations of it until one of them finally remembered its name.

When they found no pictures on the internet, that’s when they started to call on the public’s help.

Apparently, the “Tini Wini” has been renamed and repackaged into what we now know as “Sumo”.

And with this accomplished mission, people on Twitter began posting pictures of old snacks that have also stopped production, so as not to lose evidence of this part of history.

Here are some of these rare gems:

Apparently, “Cubee” still exists but has also been repackaged.

“E-Aji”–because where else would you find chips with dip right inside of the pack? Please bring this back.

*sighs* All these great snacks, but they’re only just a memory now. I’m really hoping that some of these do come back. (Please do!)

And now, it’s given me all the more reason to post foodies–even of my snacks because my children deserve to know what I ate in my childhood.

What are some of your forgotten childhood snacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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