LOOK: Pinoy Artist Creates Funny Mr. Bean Versions Of Characters!!!

Pinoy creativity can really get… interesting!

Artist Elmer DS Saflor created this series of Mr. Bean versions of different characters done in hilarious caricatures, and they could not get any more spot on!

First featured on the Facebook page Pepeng Pinakamalupet, the post has now garnered over 70,000 shares!

From Pinoy politicians to some well-loved animé characters, basketball players and more, this will really have you rolling on the floor!

Check out the hilarious drawings below:

Mr. Bean 11

Mr. Bean 10

Mr. Bean 9

Mr. Bean 8

Mr. Bean 7

Mr. Bean 2

Mr. Bean 3

Mr. Bean 4

Mr. Bean 5 Mr. Bean 6

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean 12

Mr. Bean 13

Which one was your favorite?? Let us know in the comments!