LOOK: Cute and Charming “BagMan” Spotted at a Local Supermarket

The Internet gone wild when a Photographer spotted a good-looking man in Sagada. The young man was later tagged as the “CarrotMan.”

Carrot Man

Photo by: Edwina Bandong

Through the Netizens’ admiration, he had gained much respect and instant popularity. As a matter of fact, Jerry Sigmaton, the CarrotMan, already appeared at several TV guestings.

 After which, the Netizens started sharing captivating photos of the CabbageMan, ChicharonMan, just to name a few.

And of course, trending stories like this, won’t be complete without the hilarious remarks about them!

For instance, Emman Nimedez Facebook account shared a laughable photo of him carrying a water bottle. He called himself: the #WaterMan.


I literally laughed out loud when I saw this! What a clever remark!

Anyhow, I spotted a head turner and could be included in the list. I noticed a charming “BagMan” who works at a local supermarket.

BagMan at WalterMart Sucat

His name is Jonas and works for Walter Mart Sucat branch. He caught my attention as apart from his charming and sweet smile, he is also helpful and attentive.

BagMan at Walter Mart sucat

According to his co-workers, he really captivates the girls’ attention because of his physique and kind gestures. In addition, one cashier lady even confirmed that many are mesmerized with his looks and would sometimes look for him because he is not only good-looking but extremely helpful, especially to elders.

Oh well, sometimes, it’s not always physical looks that matter, it’s how you treat people that make them appreciate the person more.

This is what I love about Filipinos, we appreciate people, regardless. We always choose the bright side of everything. And, that’s what makes us (confidently) beautiful with a heart.

Have you spotted any good-looking men and women out there? Share them in the comments! 


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