LOOK: Crowd Gathers As More People Climb Mt. Ulap

Mountaineering has become more and more of a famous activity, when in Manila. The fact that there are accessible climbs just hours drive from the metro has allowed more people, even newbie hikers, to go get outdoors and experience hiking up a mountain.

The activity’s booming popularity has resulted to this:

mt ulap

Source: Alex Marquez of Team Ulikba www.facebook.com/teamulikbaofficial

Full text:

ATM: kamusta Mt. Ulap humihinga ka pa ba? kapit lang bes! 1f641🙁 01-22-17 #NeedsCrowdControl#BookingSystem

Alex Marquez, who took said photo, mentioned that this was not his first climb on what was once called Philex Ridge (now called Mt. Ulap because of the famous view of a sea of clouds) but it was his first time seeing this many people.

Although there is nothing wrong with crowds gathering and enjoying the outdoors together, it is good to remind everyone who has and is planning to climb any mountain that it is important that you respect nature and make sure you leave nothing (but footprints!) behind.

The more the merrier, yeah? What do you guys think?