LOOK: Catriona Gray Sends Specially Handwritten Letters To Her Fans

There is a reason Catriona Gray is such a hyped-up Miss Universe, and it might just be because of how sweet and loveable she is. Breaking the Mikimoto crown due to her excitement was proof enough of that so this just makes it undeniable. Taking the time to reply to her fan mail and putting special touches on it is just too endearing.

(Catriona Gray reminisces her journey to the Miss Universe crown)

She posted a couple of photos on her Instagram which showed her hard at work as she wrote back to fans. According to her caption, they’re all handwritten and each gets to make use of her own postage stamps!


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The official Catriona Gray postage stamps were released last February in honor of her new title and crown. The different versions include a close up of Catriona, as pictured in her Instagram post, and a still of the moment she claimed victory.

How would you react if you got a letter from Catriona?