LOOK: Caring Mom’s Inspiring Message About Failed Subjects

During my college days, I had been very grade-conscious. I felt that passing wasn’t enough; I needed to get a grade that consistently corresponds to a line of 9. Once in a while, I’d be a little kinder to myself and would use the “at least you didn’t fail” self pep talk when I get lower than that. But that was a rare occurrence. Having a grade lower than a line of 9 made me feel like I wasn’t striving enough.

Naturally, I understood where Edgardo Yang Yutuc was coming from when he told his mom, “nawawalan na ako ng pag-asa, ma.” (I’m losing hope, mom.) I’m sure a lot of the students out there can relate to this feeling.

But look at what his mom told him, instead of getting mad about a failed grade:


A lot of students would want to hear this from their parents as well. My family was never hard on me when it comes to my grades (I was the one hard on myself) but I wish I can say the same for everyone.

To the students out there, though you may not hear those words from your own family, I hope Mrs. Elizabeth Yutuc’s words would inspire you and give you the boost you need. Don’t give up, work harder, and focus on your goals. It’s all part of it. Good luck!

So much love for Mrs. Elizabeth Yutuc! Thank you so much for the inspiring words.

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