LOOK: Brooklyn Nine Nine cast teases season 6 release date and photos

After the big scare of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation early this year, I have learned to be grateful for every tidbit this fantastic show offers us. Thankfully, with a cast that is very active on social media, we’re never on a short supply of sneak peeks and bonus content.

Aside from the sad news of Gina — aka Chelsea Peretti, aka the human embodiment of the 100 emoji — no longer being a season regular, the B99 cast has been a wealth of good news and exciting glimpses into the next season.

The first of that being: Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to the air this January 10th! The second is all the hints being dropped from various sources.

I mean, just look below at these photos from Andy Samberg’s twitter. The first is reportedly from an episode that features Jake and Gina in an undercover mission. It may even be her departure episode, to ensure that she leaves with a bang (which is only apt).

This one has viewers speculating on the type of event that would require suits, ties, and a handsome bouquet of flowers. Could there be another wedding in store for us next season?

Here we’ve got a look at the cast’s first day of shooting for season 6. The photos themselves don’t tell us much but look how adorable and happy they are to be together again!

Then we were blessed with the official first photos of the season, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. It’s safe to say the show picks up right where it left off, with Captain Holt about to reveal his future. Or at least I hope it does…

And what I personally think is the highlight of all these teasers: seeing the Pontiac Bandit back in action with his best friend!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s official twitter probably puts it best though:

What surprises do you think are in store for us next season? 

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