ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Gina’ is ‘leaving’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine nine

Chelsea Peretti who plays the role of Gina Linetti won’t be returning permanently to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Gina is known on the show as the self-loving, phone-addicted, straight-talking assistant to Captain Holt.

She is also known as (spoilers alert) the loyal friend of Jake Peralta, the unfortunate lover-turned-stepsister of Charles Boyle, and the match-maker to Rosa Diaz, but after five seasons of the Brooklyn-based show, it seems Gina won’t be returning permanently for next season.

This announcement was made by Chelsea herself on Instagram.

Here are the photos she posted along with this announcement.

gina brooklyn 991 gina brooklyn 992

In May, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by Fox after five seasons and it broke many hearts. Then, NBC immediately swooped in and saved the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to have a sixth season made up of 18 episodes which will air later this year.

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