LOOK: Brilliant Filipino Scientist Who Invented ‘Television-Telephone’

Before Skype and Facetime, there was this innovative and brilliant invention called “television-telephone.”

Telephone televsion Filipino invention

And, the man behind it is a Filipino engineer named Gregorio Y. Zara. The photo was shared by the Philippine National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). The NAST is a governing body that recognizes amazing inventions by Filipinos.

They posted a photo of him on Instagram, a photo of Dr. Zara highlighting his invention called: a two-way television-telephone, or videophone.

It was later patented as a “photo phone signal separator network.

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The NAST captioned it with:

Before there was Skype and Facetime, a Filipino scientist invented a television-telephone. Aha!

National Scientist Gregorio Y. Zara, a physicist, invented a device that makes it possible for two persons to see each other on a television while talking on the telephone as early as 1954.

Dr. Zara is also a physicist and graduated twice as summa cum laude. He was the first Filipino to receive the highest honor conferred to graduate students – “Tres Honorable.”

He also discovered and contributed changes to the following inventions:

  1. A sun stove, and a solar battery (1960s)
  2. Invented a propeller cutting machine (1952)
  3. He designed a microscope with a collapsible stage
  4. helped design the robot Marex X-10
  5. Invented the two-way television telephone or videophone (1955) patented as a “photo phone signal separator network”
  6. Invented an airplane engine that ran on plain alcohol as fuel (1952)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Dr. Zara died in 1978 due to heart failure.

Sadly, his invention of a two-way television telephone or videophone wasn’t a hit in the commercial market. Nevertheless, his brilliant mind will remain a legacy.

Essentially, keeping up with the technology can help us be productive and more efficient. Thanks to

Thanks to amazing people like Dr. Zafra for making our lives a lot easier!

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