8 Struggles Only Long-Distance Couples Understand

long distance couple

8. You’ve learned to be more trusting and independent compared to your other friends in a relationship.

You’re nothing like your friend who randomly freaks out over the girl who randomly texts her boyfriend “Hello :)” every other week, or your bestie who has to ask her boyfriend for permission every single time you go out. Jealousy, insecurity, and time are luxuries you cannot afford in your relationship.

7. But sometimes, you can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy towards those who are actually physically nearer your S.O.

There’s bound to be a classmate or co-worker whose name creeps up in your conversations more regularly than usual. You see your S.O. tagged in photos on Facebook with his arm casually put around her shoulder. You trust him so much and you know he wouldn’t do you wrong, but sometimes you wonder if she knows more about him than you do, simply because they’re together all the time.

6. Skype dates… they’re a thing.

Whether it’s some cheesy gimmick like “Skype movie and dinner night” or just watching each other onscreen while both of you do your own thing, Skype/Facetime dates are very real… and depend on a decent internet connection.

5. You know an unusually hefty amount of information about people you’ve never actually seen.

When you do meet them, it’s like — “Hey, Gab! It’s great to finally meet you! How are you holding up after your girlfriend cheated on you and got together with your high school best friend?”

4. You tick off the dates on your calendar until you see each other again.

“Is it the 29th, yet?” You ask yourself as you tick off the days that pass by — a regular cause of anxiety for you.

3. Your cellphone is your relationship’s lifeline.

The phone in your hand is the anchor to your relationship, that mediates every word and promise you make to each other. The struggle of it losing battery mid-conversation is very, very real.

2. You dread every goodbye.

The few times you actually get to see each other ARE a big deal, spent in momentary bliss like nothing can go wrong… except when the time comes that he has to leave.

1. Yet you relish every hello.

Those scenes in the movies where two lovers lock in a passionate embrace when they see each other again after so long? That’s a feeling you can relate to, and something you will never tire of.

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