LOOK: ‘Barry’ Gives Us a Glimpse of Barack Obama’s Life in College

I am an American citizen and have been since birth, but American presidents were nothing but bits of U.S. history for me… until Barack Obama came into presidency, that is. By the time Obama ran for President, I was of sound mind and finally of age to vote, so he was the first President that truly mattered to me. When he came into the picture, I felt like I had a say… like I had a voice. And all throughout his presidency, I can truly say that I had nothing bad to say about him. I still love him as much as I did when I first voted for him to this day and as such, I cannot wait to catch Netflix’s latest original film, ‘Barry’.

‘Barry’ focuses on Obama’s life in 1981 when he started his junior year at Columbia University – a time that played a vital role in the beliefs and morals that Obama believes in today. This is the year that transformed his views into that of a future president. Watch the trailer here:



‘Barry’ will start showing on Netflix this December. I just hope it will be available in the Philippines, too.