LOOK: Animal Lover is Selling Her Books for the Sake of a Beloved Pup

Marj Casal first met Rafa when she volunteered to take photos of rescued pups at the Save Save ALL animal shelter last December 2016. There she met Rafa, a parvo survivor rescued at six-weeks-old in Noveleta, Cavite in 2015, and fell in love with him. He is one of over 70+ rescued pups at the shelter.

RAFA - Animal Lover is selling her books to raise funds for rescued pet.

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Marj says that Rafa had brothers and sisters but they all died from parvo, a highly contagious viral disease contracted by unvaccinated dogs. Because this disease ravages the system, Rafa now has to be on a special diet that is easier on his liver.

I’ve been in touch with them since. Right now, the shelter is having trouble keeping the funds up for the 74 dogs in their care so they set up the “Angel Sponsor” system where people can pick a dog they want to sponsor for a minimum of P1,000 per month.

When Marj found out about the shelter’s difficulties, she became Rafa’s angel. To raise funds for Rafa, Marj decided to sell her books.

I love to read and I buy lots of books every year but I don’t want to just keep them on my bookshelf. So, starting last year, I’ve decided to sell some of these books not just so other people can read them but also help animals in need.

If you love books, why not buy a book or two from Marj? Her books are popular titles and in excellent condition. Just comment on a title you would like to get and Marj will get in touch with you.


If you are not interested in a book and would like to just help Rafa and all his other foster brothers and sisters, please donate directly to the shelter. Leave them a message here so they can instruct you on donation details.

RAFA - Animal Lover is selling her books to raise funds for rescued pet.

Cute Rafa! Want to bring him home? You can if you will adopt him. Contact the Save All shelter.

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Photo source: Marj Casal and Day Carlos

Want to help but you can’t donate nor can you adopt? No problem! Just tag your friends who love books and/or pets and share this story!

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