LOOK: Adorable Ethan Tells Us Why “Filipina Nanays Are The Best Teachers”

There has always been a special quality among Filipinos with regards to how they take care of people, especially children. Because of the signature Filipino hospitality and gentleness, we sure know how to love and care.

A mother is considered as the first teacher of a child. Whether she stays at home or has a career outside the house, a mom will always take time to teach her children what is right and wrong. Combining these two descriptions, this video will prove to you why Filipina moms are, indeed, the best teachers in the world.

The video features young and adorable Ethan, a popular child and an internet sensation, laying out points on how his Nanay is teaching him different values through the simple day-to-day talks that they have.

Watch the full video below:

 Ethan and his Nanay came across the joke on the internet and because they had a deep sense of identification with the joke, they decided to make a video out of it.

Our mothers may seem to be nagging and scolding us most of the time, but in the future, we will surely appreciate it and see it as one of the most important factors in our formative years.

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