LOOK: Kris Aquino Is So Extra As A Mom And It’s Adorable!

We all know how moms can be so supportive even to the point that they go the extra mile to support you in your spelling bee contest or spend more than a fair amount of money for your Halloween costume.

Yup, moms can really go over the top every once in a while just like Kris Aquino being an adorably extra mother. A few days ago, the celebrity mom posted an image on her official Facebook page about how proud she is of Bimbi and his third quarter grades.

Complete with an artwork, Kris enlisted her son’s grades per subject on her #proudmom social media moment.

Read the full post below:

“Before I sleep, may I have a #proudmom moment? We got the email of Bimb’s grades today- he is currently home schooled (Grade 4) by 2 excellent teachers, Teacher Au & Teacher Seanne. We’re using a US based Catholic curriculum, his tests & schoolwork are all submitted online; he is excited to study & focused on excelling. In his team we also have a music teacher plus coach Christian for his physical fitness. To all parents seeing this post- I’m sure you can identify with me, nothing comes close to the elation we feel when our kids are studying hard & getting good grades. More than our achievements, these are the moments we treasure! I thank God for really blessing my life because of my 2 sons. GOOD NIGHT ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Kris”

Well, whether it is Kris Aquino or our own moms, one thing’s for sure: mothers will always be proud of their children no matter how big or small their achievements are.

Yay to all mommies!

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