ENTERTAINMENT: Kris Aquino is Set to Return on TV

Looks like the “Queen of All Media” is set to make a comeback on TV.

Kris Aquino hinted via Instagram that she’s working on her new project.

She said that after a year of hiatus, she is starting something new…

She captioned her post on IG with:

I waited nearly a year, but FINALLY starting something NEW and celebrating with FAITH that my journey is taking me back to where I belong. (Taping starts Friday).

Late last year, Kris ended her contract with ABS-CBN, her home network for about two decades. There were rumors that she was working on a project with GMA last year but nothing has materialized yet.

While on hiatus, she also released a mini project called “Kris Digital.” However, she may be in for something bigger this time around.

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