LOOK: A staycation in this Picasso-inspired hotel will surely awaken the artist in you!

Pablo Picasso was known for his art and his aesthetic. His eye for the surreal launched his name to fame, ushering in a new era of art that challenged the conventions of what was being created back then. He was truly a pioneer of creation and a source of inspiration for any young mind seeking to move beyond the norm.

Which is why we’re not surprised that he’s inspired more than just those in the art world, but in the hotel world, too! The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences proves this, walls upon walls adorned with art inspired by the famous painter himself. The hotel is named after him precisely because each room encapsulates a phase in his life–his colors and shapes and lines all brought together in interior genius.

the picasso 8

the picasso 12

Just being in the space was subsequently inspiring and homey. It was like every corner you turned, there was something new, bright, and intriguing to look at–all while feeling welcomed by their very warm staff. Whatever we needed, they were quick to respond. The way they greeted and welcomed us also felt genuine and kind, like we were being welcomed home after a long day.

Our staycation was different from any we encountered before, with pops of art and inspiration wherever we went. It’s like we always had to slow down our walking to stop and stare at a new frame every time, taking in the genius of each artist being featured. It wasn’t just an escape from the everyday, it was one that challenged our aesthetic eye at the same time.

the picasso 11

There was also an art gallery inside the hotel which fit perfectly with the theme.

Altromondo held some inspiring pieces that we just couldn’t get enough of. That coupled with all the paintings in every hall, we felt like we were in an artists’ paradise.

the picasso 3

Each pop of color in our room was also tasteful and playful, making any artist want to hop to their craft. A painter would want to get to their canvas almost as much as I wanted to start scribbling poems in my notebook. I felt like I was in a quirky Picasso painting of my own, the star of the artist’s many masterpieces. And I guarantee that’s how it’ll feel for any guest–you’ll feel like a piece of art yourself.

the picasso 4

And not to worry, not only will your creative side be stimulated, but you’ll also have the chance to invigorate your body. The hotel also has a complete gym that’ll keep your body as fit as the creative side of your brain. Who says artists can’t also be sporty? They definitely are lacking in the imagination department!

the picasso 7

The official hashtag for Picasso is #TheArtOfGreatStays and we couldn’t agree more. Not only was it visually stunning, the comfort levels were off the charts. There was nothing like entering the hotel room and feeling a cozy, warm, homey vibe that welcomed you even if it was our first time there.

The in-house restaurant also boasted a sophisticated vibe, aptly named Pablo, Picasso’s first name. They served us exquisite Spanish-inspired cuisine and we

Picasso truly found the art in everything. Their business rooms were beautiful, their hallways decorated perfectly, even the smallest touches in their colored lines and wooden inlays made everything feel like a painting. And like we stepped into those paintings, turning into art ourselves. If you want a staycation unlike any other, we definitely think Picasso is the place for you. We can’t recommend it enough. We love it so much that we might just see you there! 😉

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati, 1227
(02) 828 4774