Ley’s Kitchen is CRABsolutely Amazing!

Words by Matthew Mendiola

When I think of seafood, the first food I see in my mind are crabs. Nothing reminds me of the sea better than the taste of those delicious crustaceans. Crabs may be messy to eat and hard to crack open, but once you get those sweet chunks of juicy white meat out of the claws and scrape off the rich, butter-like crab fats, you know it’s worth all the effort.

Leys Kitchen Crab SeafoodImage: Ley’s Kitchen

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However, crabs are the best if they’re fresh, which is why it’s not always easy to find restaurants in the metro that serve fresh, quality crabs. Luckily, Ley’s Kitchen has you covered for your crustacean cravings. And the best part is…they deliver! Ley’s Kitchen delivers home-cooked party-size platters that will surely be blockbusters at any potluck gathering.

The crabs at Ley’s Kitchen are some of the best that you can find. THEY’RE HUGE. And you know that they’re fresh because the crabs are so sweet on their own. Their crabs are so meaty that even up to the tips of the legs and claws, you still have meat to extract. Our advice: don’t be ashamed to lick your fingers clean as you thoroughly pick out all that seafood goodness!



Ley’s Kitchen definitely knows what flavors go best with the crabs. Chef Angel Ley of Ley’s Kitchen comes from a foodie family after all. You can choose to order garlic crabs, coco curry crabs, crab vermicelli, black pepper crab, or lemon butter crab. We tried their garlic crabs, which in my opinion, is the best flavor for crabs. They were cooked in butter and smothered with heaps of chopped garlic. Every bite is heaven.


Leys Kitchen is CRABsolutely Amazing 6

A party isn’t complete without some noodles, and Ley’s Kitchen also has some pretty good pastas on their menu. We got to try their chorizo pasta, which is loaded with chunks of herb-seasoned sausages and, my personal favorite, their simple, yet incredibly tasty al dente garlic noodles (a perfect pair for the garlic crabs).

Leys Kitchen is CRABsolutely Amazing 4Chorizo Pasta

Leys Kitchen is CRABsolutely Amazing 1Garlic Noodles

And if I didn’t control myself, I would have easily finished one whole platter of the garlic noodles all by myself.

Ley’s Kitchen’s crabs may be quite pricey, but they’re definitely worth every cent. Forget buffets. You can have an amazing feast at home with just one call for Ley’s Kitchen’s delicious platters.

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Ley’s Kitchen

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