10 Yummy Restaurants You Can Get Your Seafood Fix From

“I’m on a ‘seafood diet’. When I see food, I eat it.” – Unknown genius.

Eating seafood tends to be associated with healthier eating, or during certain times of the year, a religious sacrifice that must be taken in place of the richer pleasures of red meat.

While many seafood items are indeed a healthier choice – high protein, low fat – the health food tag can give the impression that it’s less delectable than other meats.

The chefs behind the restaurants at Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila (RWM) are here to dispel that notion with a lineup of sinfully delicious seafood-based dishes from around the world that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Crustasia Asian Seafood Market

Tom Yum at Crustasia Asian Seafood Market

As its name suggests, Crustasia Asian Seafood Market has a plethora of fresh seafood options cooked in traditional Asian styles. A notable standout is its Tom Yum soup – an appetizingly sour and spicy broth loaded with tiger prawns, mussels, squid, and fish balls that take your taste buds straight to Thailand.

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse

Poke Balls at Johnny Kahuku

Just next door, Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse serves up more than just buckets of the sweetest shrimps in town. Their signature Poke Bowls have been delighting foodies with bursts of refreshing flavor and fresh cuts of tuna, salmon, and other seafood.


Seafood Rice at Italiannis

Serving up more than Italian staples such as pizza and pasta, restaurant chain Italianni’s Seafood Rice dish is every carb lover’s dream. The paella-like dish is given a dash of Italian flavor with fresh basil and a distinct blend of herbs and spices.

Johnny Chow

Fried Squid in Salted Egg at Johnny Chow

Johnny Chow embraces the salted egg craze with its Fried Squid, coated with salted egg batter and deep-fried to a tender crisp. The combination of the light, low-fat squid meat with the rich, savory salted egg is a masterful balance of textures and flavors.

One cannot discuss seafood without any reference to Japanese cuisine, and the Land of the Rising Sun is well represented by Ichiba Japanese Market and Mr. Kurosawa. Modeled after traditional Japanese seafood markets, Ichiba prides itself in the freshness of its seafood and adherence to Japanese culinary standards.

Ichiba Japanese Market

Takoyaki at Ichiba

The tanks of fresh fish and crustaceans, promise nothing but the freshest and best of the sea’s bounty, and this is delivered in every dish, whether it be from the sushi bar or grill. A must-try amidst all these is the humble Takoyaki. Better known as street food, Ichiba’s version is makes it almost luxurious. The creamy balls have a lightly crisp shell and are generously coated with a rich, sweetly smoky sauce, drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise, nori crumbs, and topped with thinner-than-paper pork shavings.

Mr. Kurosawa

Oyster Overload at Mr Kurosawa

Mr. Kurosawa on the other hand, is unabashedly modern and fully takes on the fusion trend. Its Oyster Overload is a perfect marriage of East and West, with typically Asian ingredients cooked in decidedly European methods.

Newport Mall’s Filipino restaurants also churn out homegrown greats made with finesse such as the following:


Sizzling Squid at Crisostomo

Sizzling Squid by Crisostomo

Red Crab Alimango House

Crab Marites at The Red Crab Alimango House

Crab Maritess by Red Crab Alimango House


Crispy Tilapia at Recipes

Crispy Tilapia by Recipes

Tao Yuan

Singaporean Chili Crab at Tao Yuan

For a more exotic take on crab, Tao Yuan’s Singaporean Chili Crab is authentically and satisfyingly spicy.

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