League of Legends is Back on Riot Games – What Does This Mean?

League of Legends is one of the most well-known multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games out there. In fact, it’s the biggest MOBA and most-watched Esport in the world with over 180 million players and 5 million peak views during the League of Legends Worlds Championship in 2022. Netflix even released an animated series called Arcane that is based on the League of Legends IP. It was so good, it won 9 Annie awards and 3 Emmy awards, and garnered an average critics score of 100% and an average audience score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s safe to say that even if you don’t play League; chances are, you’ve definitely heard of it.

And this year, they’ve got some big news to excite players! In early January, Riot Games regained publishing rights of League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics PC in Southeast Asia after 12 years, SEA servers officially opened in January 2023, starting a whole new chapter in the League world. But what exactly does this new chapter entail?


What to Expect from Riot and League of Legends in 2023

Riot aspires to be the most player-focused game company in the world, providing players with the best experience and the same level of in-game events and content as they do for players in other Riot regions. In an exclusive interview with When in Manila, Riot stresses just how important their players are to them.

“It is important to us that players feel like they are not just part of the world of League, but part of the overall Riot ecosystem,”  states Joel Guzman, Country General Manager for the Philippines, Riot Games. This is why they always acknowledge the importance of representation in video games and the need to bring hyperlocal activities to players in the region. In fact, this is one of the reasons why they have experienced massive growth in APAC.

In line with this, the Philippines is set to be a key market in their growth strategy. This 2023, Filipino fans can look forward to more hyperlocal content and out-of-game moments. As Riot Games expands their team here, we can look forward to fun events and activities, as well as community events and open tournaments to enhance the League of Legends Esports ecosystem.

Players in the region will also gain access to regional Riot publishing services including Localization, Billing, Player Support, as well as future local marketing activations and partnerships. From here on out, all SEA League and TFT players will be playing on the Riot Client as well. Players will gain access to previously unavailable content that other regions enjoy, including game modes such as Clash which is launching in next month, cross-franchise campaign content, esports drops, and the continuation of LoL esports.

To offer these experiences, Riot Games is focused on developing the infrastructure needed to deliver the high-quality Riot Games experience their communities and fans have come to expect from them. As always, they are committed to creating an environment where players can realize their full potential on a global level and teams have a sustainable place to grow and expand in the long term.

League of Legends Summoner’s Rave Homecoming Event

Summoner’s Rave, an unforgettable event for League of Legends fans, is also coming our way today, February 24, 2023, at Newport World Resorts. Summoner’s Rave is one of the many ways League’s homecoming will be celebrated with the community this year. “We also wanted to use this event as an opportunity to say thank you to everyone with whom we’re writing the next chapter of League with,” adds Joel Guzman.

This one-night event will feature a packed program geared towards unleashing a love for League of Legends. Influencers, cosplayers, pro-players, and community leaders have all been invited to mingle and share their love for the game. There will also be fun photo op areas designed to look and feel like different worlds in Runeterra and the Summoner’s Rift along with League-inspired music and entertainment, a Poro-catcher, and a mini PC bang for players to jump into a game or two. How awesome is that?

The most exciting part, however, will be a special awards ceremony for the Markmakers, League of Legends players who have achieved the highest marks and stats in the Ranked Season 2022 in the Philippine Server. Who wouldn’t want to get some recognition for that?

Without a doubt, it’s going to be an unforgettable year (and beyond) for League of Legends fans, thanks to their return to Riot Games – all starting with Summoner’s Rave tomorrow.


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