LaClaire Spa: A relaxing spa worth every peso!

When In Manila and looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, try out LaClaire Spa located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City! LaClaire opened just around a month ago, and even with it’s baby stages into the business, I was surprised at how they are well organized and how the service was at top class! Being a gym buff, I often get body sores from my work-outs, luckily LaClaire Spa is located at the same building of Arena Fitness Gym in Quezon Ave where I work-out. Needless to say, I pretty much got addicted to going to LaClaire Spa often after working-out. There was an old mini-spa located at the same building before, but the service was far from what LaClaire has to offer.


LaClaire Spa is located directly above Arena Fitness Gym and has the front-desk located near the health bar of the gym. They have people manning the front-desk every single minute, compared to other spas that you’d have to ring a bell or wait for someone to come upon arriving. I honestly am bothered with spas that lack people at the front-desk, I do find it rude when there is no one manning the front-desk. It is a front-desk after all right? Plus, the spa feel should give a welcoming aura upon arriving. This is a good plus to LaClaire. I work-out at the same location, so I see the front-desk every single day and during different times of the day. Kudos to LaClaire Spa!


Going up the LaClaire Spa staircase makes you feel very much relaxed and at home. The staircase resembles a very vintage homey feel, far from how the building hallway and outside do look and feel like. It’s a good relaxing preparation for what is to come.


Coming into the massage cubicles of LaClaire Spa, you’d notice the nice presentation of the towels and other necessities. They really took time to prepare everything! I checked all other cubicles and they really do put effort into the presentation. 


With the massage itself, I was really amazed at how LaClaire Spa is very good at this. The styles and strokes were really proper and relaxing. I often go to spas and have my massage since I do work-out a lot and I find this as a reward to my hard-work. I’ve been to many spas and have experienced good and disappointing experiences. LaClaire Spa was surprising since they are new, yet the quality is above standard. The management and owner really did a great job in preparing everything before starting the LaClaire Spa. This should definitely be a standard and a great example for other spas and for those who plan to start a spa. To top it off, their signature combination massage is only P450!!! Two thumbs up!


Address: 1623 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Located inside Arena Fitness Gym beside Plaza Ibarra

Contact: 09156175884 / 09499846188 / 09334388653




LaClaire Spa: A relaxing spa worth every peso!


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