Kyla Shares Why She Deleted Her Social Media Accounts, and Why She’s Back


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Earlier this week, Kyla announced that she temporarily deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

On Instagram, she said, “I felt like it was adding to my anxiety. It’s nice to post pictures of your achievements and stuff like that- and get recognized for it. But I just feel like every time I would open it, someone is passively bragging about an accomplishment, traveling at this time when we can’t travel, getting new projects, etc.”

As a result, the singer said that it led her to “always compare myself to others” and that “it’s not good for me.”

Kyla’s social media fast lasted only three days. She said, “Guess I couldn’t last more than a week doing this social media diet. I had to download it again, just to connect with my family.”

She added that she has a song with Jay R called “Undeniable,” which she just finished a shoot for.

Kyla ended her post with, “Take care, you guys. Take care of your mental health as well. Sending you love and light.”

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