Jollibee Singapore: The Symbol of home and Langhap Sarap goodness is finally in Singapore


When In Manila, ask every Filipino on where to get affordable and delicious fast food and you’d surely  if not 99% get this answer: JOLLIBEE. Thanks to Tony Tan Caktion who have built the Jollibee phenomenal success. From the humble beginning of being an ice cream parlour and Tony’s entrepreneurial streak, Jollibee has flourished to be the largest and top fast food chain in the Philippines. Not only it has become a part of the Filipinos daily lives, it has been a symbol of home. 


So whenever a Jollibee branch opens up overseas, expect a high demand for it – and exaggerated loooooonnng queues. Jollibee Singapore had its soft opening last March 2013 at Lucky Plaza (often called “Little Philippines or Little Manila); perfect choice of venue huh?  An attempt to boycott the opening and brand itself did not affect the hundreds of anticipating Filipinos who lives in sunny Singapore.  I was 50-50 on coming on its opening day though, as I knew at the back of my mind that the people who will come on the first opening day would be entire madness. So I was right as I attempted to press the button lift to 6th floor and all I saw were heads…literally heads. It was totally impossible for me to get in, more so to queue for at least 2-3 hours before I made my way to the Jollibee counter. I went there about 3-4 times and for a sweet 3 weeks, the same situation remained. Jollibee Singapore only had its Grand Opening last 3rd of July. 


Here’s a TIP:  If you plan on coming here, make sure to queue before 7pm; as they usually have a cut off , I think around 7-7:15pm to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to order/dine in. That’s what the Jollibee staff advised me so when I was there. Not too sure though if they still continue to implement this. Better check and be there early especially on a weekend to enjoy your Jolli-feast. 





Be armed with something that would occupy you while queuing!



I usually carry a book with me but even before I managed to finish a chapter, I already reached the counter!



Jollibee is currently not listed yet when I snapped this photo. It’s located at the 6th floor!


 This is basically the waiting / queuing area; there were several fans to keep it ventilated. Any plans of taking over this space as well Jollibee SG?





During Jollibee Singapore’s second month, it was a lot more manageable. Though getting fast food was not on my radar then, I decided to check it out, yes a month and a half after its opening. I came late in the afternoon, around 4pm as I was avoiding the after office hours. The place was pretty organized, interior is beautifully done (for a fast food restaurant).  Jollibee was given an ‘A’ grading by the National Environment Agency for excellence in cleanliness and food hygiene. I still had to queue but it took me only a mere 15 minutes to reach the counter; compared to a friend who actually did for 2 hours! There were a few seats available in sight; the store seating capacity reaches to about 300 pax.  The staffs in Jollibee were all friendly, makes one feel more at ease. It’s just like being in the Philippines once again.









While queuing at Jollibee a staff would jot down your order so as to speed up the process. Seeing the menu (not as expansive as it may seem)  I was disappointed to find out that it still is very limited; peach mango pie, palabok, pineapple juice and the jolly breakfast are nowhere to be found. 







Look at the display monitors they have on the counter top; aside from showcasing the different Jollibee food items on the screen, it also allows the customer to verify their order. The ad they were playing was so enticing, I am not fond of spaghetti but when I watched it I was somehow tempted to get one! 







Curious now what’s on my table? The usual suspects: Chickenjoy, Spaghetti and of course the YUM Burgers. See more on the next page!