Jollibee Singapore: The Symbol of home and Langhap Sarap goodness is finally in Singapore



Jolly Hotdog

SGD2.50/ ala carte





The Jolly Hotdog may look just the typical hotdog sandwich to some, but this is still punchy! The bun has that decent chew followed by the dressing. I was hoping for more grated cheese spread as I can’t barely see it on my sandwich; nonetheless the dressing was just made right neither too sour nor sweet) to my liking. This is truly filling, possible to tide me over let’s say while I wait for a flight overseas. Although it may not be the great tasting sausage in town you’ll ever come across, there is a bit of snap to the sausage. 









Burger Steak

SGD4.50 / ala carte




Arghhh Burger Steak, you just awakened my senses ! This was staggeringly good; the sauce was spurring up more nostalgia. The Burger Steak and I, we got some history you see.  I recall liking this so much when it was intially launched , that when I worked for a fast food company I always made my own version of the Jollibee Burger Steak. Every one of my co-worker were giving me those stern looks as if I was promoting the competitor’s product, haha! From the smell, it’s something that would shoot up your nose then give you a head rush and you’re all pumped up. The patty and its sauce is a total ace, made me want to order extra rice (well, almost!).







Bite after bite, Jollibee did not fail to satisfy. The authentic Pinoy taste one can experience When In Manila is fervently present. There is no need for much advertisement here actually, what they have on hand is: The longing for home. The taste of comfort food comes in next. That’s where Jollibee stand and will forever be proud of.


Jollibee Singapore  

6/F Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore

Opening hours: 9am-9pm 



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 Jollibee Singapore: The Symbol of home and Langhap Sarap goodness is finally in Singapore