Jollibee Singapore: The Symbol of home and Langhap Sarap goodness is finally in Singapore



The real shining star, so to speak …what else but the CHICKENJOY.  But there is no way I am missing on the classic YUMBURGER as it has been tagged as delivering that sought-after, comforting, legit Pinoy taste — which is probably why I come to Jollibee in the first place.






Meet Ate Lena, she was so patient in taking my orders. I altered a lot when I reached her counter haha! I initially wanted to get the value meal but then I do not want the carbonated drinks so she told me why not get the ala carte items instead. I was like bugging her, “Ate, where is the palabok?”; “Ate, why no breakfast po?” She was smiling while answering all my questions; she surely knows how to multi-task. 







I paid a total of SGD27.20! Note that I did not order any value meal.






Jollibee Chickenjoy

 2 pcs. Chickenjoy with rice – SGD5.60 / ala carte




You bet I was anticipating that crispylicious, juicylicious chickenjoy moment. Well, it was still the old chickenjoy I’m all familiar with. Stripping off the batter and skin (a ritual I suppose) I tasted the meat alone. I purposely did not dip it into the gravy (yet).  The chicken was moist, tender and averagely juicy. The batter’s flavourful and crispy as well. So where is the joy in the chickenjoy if there’s no dipping in the gravy? The gravy will either make or break the ‘joy’ in my chickenjoy, I said to myself. From the looks of it, it seemed a bit darker in colour but then thumbs up for I noticed it was lump-free. The colour is not a big deal for me anyway. I somehow noticed the difference in the consistency as well but overall it tasted lovely and complemented the meat perfectly. The satisfying crunchy chicken smothered with that gravy was nostalgic.









 Jollibee YUMburger

 Yumburger with cheese – SGD2.00 / ala carte

Yumburger with TLC – SGD2.50 / ala carte






The buns really looked so moist and fresh! It’s the first thing I look for in a burger. Give me a burger with the highest grade of beef patty but if you housed it in a bun that is dry and unappealing? I’d rather eat the patty with rice haha.   The inside of the  YUMburger buns were nicely toasted as well, plus points for that. The patty was chewy and moist; can really say that the titular YUMburger taste is so adamant with every bite. This is still the same ol’ classic YUMBurger, the burger that you don’t want to waste a smidgen at all. These burgers bring that sensational eating journey here in Jollibee. If ever I’d be asked to order only one, it’s the burger hands down.  The rich flavour of the meat, amiably heightened by the cheese and condiments makes this a certified satisfying meal.