Jo Koy Launches a Home Shopping Network-themed Video, but Wait, There’s More

We are hoarders, that much is clear. And it’s evident from the overflowing mound of plastic bags, plastic utensils, tissues, and old containers that we have at home. These include empty mayonnaise jars, cookie tins, or even those takeout containers, just to name a few.

More often than not, these containers are given a second life. That’s why as kids, we’ve been disappointed one too many times with cookie tins that bear sewing tools instead of cookies, or ice cream tubs with fish instead of something sweet. But, as you get older, trust me, you’ll soon see how useful these are.

Thus, Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy pokes fun at our Tupperware hoarding game in his latest skit. Modeled like a full-on Home Shopping Network, he “sells” old containers at more than half-off.

Check it out here:

But wait, there’s more. He even promises to throw in a “free sewing kit” in the form of a blue cookie tin! Yes, that cookie tin from our childhood.

For $19.99 (~P988), it doesn’t sound too bad. For me, at least. My mother, though, would say otherwise.

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