Isko Moreno plans to conduct Feeding Program for Public Schools in Manila by 2020

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno guarantees that the feeding program for Manila’s public school students will push through, on Tuesday, July 9.

The mayor shared his administration’s plan on launching the feeding program for Kinder and Grade 1 public school students by early 2020.

Gagawan na ng pondo para maisakatuparan na ‘yung isang commitment natin addressing malnutrition or nutrition program for our  elementary students,” Moreno said in a press conference.

(Rough translation: A funding will be produced so that we may push through with our commitment to addressing malnutrition or nutrition program for our elementary students.)

Moreno as already contacted the Board of Manila City School so that they may study on how they may properly implement the feeding program.

“I’m now asking them on gaano karami ang estudyante (Translation: how many students there are), which I think in a few days, we’ll have some data, and I ask them to study it already para mapatupad na natin (Translation: so we may push through) if not this year, at least early next year,” he added.

For the feeding program for Manila’s public schools, they plan to provide healthy ready-to-eat-meals to students in public schools.

The mayor believes that the program will make a positive impact by helping the families who experience poverty in Manila.

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