Is That Beer He’s Drinking While Driving?

Is That Beer He’s Drinking While Driving?


When In Manila, we always hear news about road accidents, most of which are mainly caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

A netizen shared this photo on Instagram showing a truck driver drinking what seems to be a bottle of alcohol while cruising down the roads of the metro.

(Photo from Instagram)


It is no secret that drunk driving can lead to severe accidents and driving under the influence (DUI) is now against the law after President Aquino signed the Republic Act No. 10586, otherwise known as the Act Penalizing Persons Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs and Other Similar Substances last year. 

The law mandates that the Philippine National Police, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, Philippine National Police, and the local government traffic enforcers do sobriety tests on drivers that they suspect of drunk driving. It also indicates the significant signs of drunk driving: “overspeeding, weaving, lane straddling, sudden stops, swerving, poor coordination, evident smell of alcohol in a person’s breath or signs of use of dangerous drugs and other similar substances.”

For penalties and fine however, this is what you’ll get if you’re caught driving under the influence:

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 3.06.16 PM

I wonder if there were any traffic enforcers in the area where this photo was taken.

Is that beer he's drinking while driving When In Manila JV ROMAN copyPhoto from JV Roman



Is That Beer He’s Drinking While Driving?


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Is That Beer He’s Drinking While Driving?