Drunk tweeting before causing fatal car crash

When in Manila, be careful what you post on Twitter. If possible, do away with your smartphone or tablet when drinking to avoid drunk tweeting. You never know just when the tweets you post wind up incriminating you.

Last week, a 20 year-old from Florida, Kayla Mendoza, tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” on the micro-blogging, social networking site…just an hour or so before she allegedly drove the wrong way, crashed into a car and killed two people, Time reported.

Drunk tweeting before causing fatal car crash

Florida Highway Patrol told reporters, Kayla, who was driving a 2004 Hyundai Sonata near Sawgrass Expressway on Nov. 17, crashed into  a 2012 Toyota Camry around 1:45.

One of the Camry’s passengers, 21 year old Marisa Catronio, died on the spot, while her bestfriend Kaitlyn Ferrante was rushed to a hospital. Kaitlyn later died from her injuries at Broward Health North.

You might think calling yourself a “pothead princess” on Twitter and chronicling your marijuana and alcohol escapades would make you look bad-ass…but drunk tweeting could turn out to be a hugely incriminating mistake for Mendoza especially since pot isn’t exactly legal in the state where she hails from.

If you’re bored enough to check her Twitter feed, you’d see, not only tweets like “2 high 2 care” or “My car permanently smells like weed,” you’d also see photos of drug paraphernalia.

Kayla, who uses a different spelling of her name on Twitter, was also taken to the hospital after the accident and is in serious condition. Reports say she has yet to be charged.

Earlier, NBC Florida reported that people were at a loss to explain just why Kayla would end up driving in the wrong direction. Because of drunk tweeting, well, it appears Kayla has clarified things for us, When in Manila.

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Drunk tweeting: before causing fatal car crash

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