Is Mercury Retrograde really as bad as we think?

Mercury is finally out of Retrograde, and many of you are thinking “FINALLY!”

But is it really as bad as many of us believe it to be?


Mercury Retrograde has gotten such a bad rep for supposedly messing everything in our lives up. Scientifically, Mercury appears to be “in retrograde” in the perspective of us humans because its orbit around the sun is much shorter than that of the Earth. So while it isn’t really moving backward, it will appear that it is because of the changing relative positions of the planets.

But with astrologers believing in the aphorism “As above, so too below,” the idea that this retrograde has an effect on us humans has become widespread in their astrology readings. To them, a retrograde means a planet is “asleep” or in a resting state, unable to govern whatever aspect of our lives it’s supposed to. So imagine when Mercury, which is said to rule all forms of communication, trade and commerce, transportation, and formal contracts, is unable to while in its resting state?

We get miscommunications; appliances and electronic devices crashing; delayed flights; problems during business-related trips; and a whole lot more.

Consequently, we who believe in horoscopes have acquired a fear of Mercury Retrograde because of what we’re constantly warned against, such as:

  • Launching a communication campaign
  • Signing contracts
  • Making new agreements whether written or verbal
  • Getting plastic surgery
  • Buying or selling expensive items

But we’ve pretty much generalized Mercury Retrograde as a time when EVERY SINGLE THING goes horribly wrong.

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Now, I may be a firm believer in astrology and the effect of planets to human beings, but even I know that Mercury Retrograde tends to be over-exaggerated. Everyone worries about doing the wrong thing during this period, while others just find reasons to not be held accountable for their own actions by blaming it on the cosmic occurrence.

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Mercury Retrograde isn’t as bad as we all make it seem. It’s a classic case of having to change your perspective. While we’re told to expect things to not go as planned, it allows us to reassess, reflect, and redesign our plans to gain a better understanding of why they went wrong. Perhaps a project didn’t go so well because it was rushed. Or maybe you entered a situation with high expectations and ended up disappointed when they weren’t met. Or maybe you’re just rushing too fast in life and just need to take it slow.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when we’re called to be more aware of our actions and find solutions to problems instead of refusing accountability for them. The planets aren’t purposely throwing us off our game, after all. It may feel like we’re constantly walking on eggshells or trudging through glue, but there is always a reason for it. It could even a blessing in disguise!

So before you whine about Mercury retrograding again soon, remember that it’s only bad when you let it be so. And, as always, don’t blame the stars for everything.

How did Mercury Retrograde affect you this month? Sound off below!


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