Please stop using your zodiac sign to justify bad behavior

“I’m an Aries, which is why I can get away with being rude to other people.”

This is something I’ve heard in real life. And it kind of stopped me in my tracks. Just imagine me, someone who identifies as a gentle, awkward, shy creature that tries to avoid things that make her angry or confrontation in general, stopping to make a face at this person. Yo. Everyone’s free to subscribe to astrology if they like but stuff like that? And that’s not the first time I’ve heard people justifying their behavior with their star signs. Y’all. Leave the stars out of this.

Here’s the thing: You’re free to believe what you like. Some of the zodiac stuff is pretty cool, really, and I’m glad when my friends who like the zodiac stuff get really into it with all their moon signs and risings and stuff but for those of you going around backstabbing people (I’ve heard this), being rude to people (also heard this), and even cheating on people (y’all, I’m so sad to say I’ve heard this too) “because” you’re a (insert zodiac sign here), you need to really sit down and evaluate what you’re doing.

I’m not gonna preach against zodiac signs or anything, I personally don’t believe in them but it’s chill when my zodiac-loving friends talk about how the next few days might be rocky for them because something’s in retrograde. That’s chill, and I can still jive with it. But when it comes to bad stuff? I’m pretty sure that your agency isn’t 100% dependent on how the stars looked the night you were born. Stop using your zodiac sign to justify your crappy behavior.

No, it has nothing to do with you being a Libra or an Aries or a Gemini. You choosing to do something awful to someone is not being puppeteered by the stars. It’s you doing something terrible because you chose to do it. Plain and simple. Stop hiding behind your zodiac sign as some thinly-veiled excuse for your actions. No amount of star formations will make you be rude to customer service or waiters or even cheat on someone. No amount of anything-retrograde will make you choose to be rude to other people.

If you choose to be cruel to other people, that’s on you and not on some balls of light millions of miles away that probably aren’t there anymore. Maybe there is some cosmic connection that governs everything, I can’t confirm that myself even if I don’t believe it, but that doesn’t mean you have no agency or control over your actions. Being a decent person costs nothing, it’s free. You don’t need to dole out any payments to treat people with common courtesy. Your bad behavior is on you and not on the title you got depending on when and what time you were born.

Rudeness/bad character is not a personality trait you mishmash together because of something you read online about yourself and your sign. It’s not just because you’re a Aries, Karen. It’s because you’re an awful person who made an awful choice. Periodt.

(I can already see the comments saying “spoken like a true Scorpio” and tbh that’s funny, so points for you)

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