Is it true that ‘Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day’ is on October 23?

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We all have that obnoxious officemate who just doesn’t know how to set boundaries – that officemate who is always in your area and who keeps talking nonstop while you struggle to finish your tasks. On a regular day, you’ll just shrug it off and march on. However, sometimes we wish we can do something about it.

With a quick Google search, apparently, October 23 is National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day.

National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day is an unofficial novelty holiday. It doesn’t aim to encourage violence though, but it gives people a holiday to voice their frustrations.

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According to National Today, a site that tracks fun holidays, there are rules that govern the said unofficial novelty holiday. These are:

  • only one person can be slapped per hour
  • if you slap someone and they do something irritating again, you can slap them again
  • the irritating person can be held down while other co-workers slap them
  • if you are questioned by your supervisor or others, you can slap them too but be ready for the repercussions

Still, this isn’t to promote violence in the workplace. If you have concerns about your officemate/s, it is best to have a conversation with them or discuss it with your superior and the human resources department.

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