Into The Wild Lifestyle: Travel-Inspired Caps For Every Adventure

Looking for caps to use when traveling? Or a Philippine-inspired pasalubong idea to give to your loved ones abroad? We found a local brand that offers mesh tucker caps and baseball caps ideal for almost all sorts of adventures.

Into The Wild Lifestyle was founded by two cousins from the South, Megan Alec Bañes and Mark Gerald Bailon. Megan, whose hobby is painting, was inspired to put up this business because of the frustration of not finding a Philippine-inspired cap when she was looking for pasalubong for her nephew. She then started sketching designs and worked with her cousin Mark, a mountaineer, self-taught photographer, and multimedia artist.

From two people who share the same passion in arts, travel, and love for the environment; travel-inspired caps and the brand Into The Wild Lifestyle was born. What’s cool is that all of the designs were made from scratch! Megan shared that they started sketching on bond papers and sourcing from local suppliers. Here are our favorites:

PH cap, Php350

The PH cap was their first design ever that actually made them decide to put up the business. It is a baseball cap in twill that has an embroidered design of three stars and the sun, thus the name of the cap. It has six panels and a curved brim.

Into The Wild cap, Php350

Inspired by traveling to the nooks and crannies of different places in the Philippines and the whole world, this tucker cap has a 3D embroidered design and is made of twill and mesh with 5-6 panels and a curved brim.

Where To Next cap, Php350

Specially made for people who have the passion to explore and travel, it has a plane design in front and the words Where To Next on the side of it. Truly a traveler’s must-have! It’s also made of twill with six panels and the plane in front is 3D embroidered. It comes in black and white!

Where to next?

Aside from these three designs, we also love the other designs Go With The Flow and Surf’s Up – perfect for surfers and beach bums!

All caps are for just Php350 each! To get first dibs on their upcoming designs, stay tuned to Into The Wild Lifestyle’s Instagram page.

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Into The Wild Lifestyle

Instagram: @intothewildlifestyle


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