Travel Tips: 10 Things to Pack When Traveling

When in Manila, we love to wait for crazy airfare seat sale, buy travel deals in group buying sites, and plan for awesome trips. We all got hit with travel bug and we love to explore places!


But before you take your luggage and head to the airport, read this list of 10 Things to Pack When Traveling and take the items with you together with all the excitement of traveling!



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10 Things to Pack When Traveling


1. Things That You Cannot Share


I am not asking you to be selfish, but by “things that you cannot share” I meant, toothbrush, and undergarments. These things sound basic, but there are still some people who forget to pack their undergarments and throw the toothbrush in the bag. Lucky if your hotel provides free toothbrush set; but for forgotten undergarments, you might want to swing by the mall first before boarding the plane.


Let me leave you a tip though (you can read more travel tips  – 10 Travel Tips for First Time Travelers and Jet Sets), pack the undergarments on separate travel cube or pouches. Security personnel might sometimes ask passengers to open their luggage, and we don’t want our undergarments to present themselves.


Packing Cubes are great travel essential to separate your clothes.


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 3


Where to buy:  Packing Cubes Php350 https://littleemilyshop.multiply.com



2. Chargers


So you are all set – you have your cool headphones on, you just updated a status message using your iPad, you just posed for a profile-pic-worthy picture using your camera, and you just called your mom to say goodbye. Hours later, you are dead – your gadgets are dead with struggling battery power! The bad thing is, you didn’t have your chargers – and the next worse thing is, you have ultra unique gadgets with their own chargers. You cannot borrow a friend’s charger or go to any convenience store to use the battery charging station.


I know I have such an old phone unit!

It used to be very cool and trendy some years ago!


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 1


Include the each of your gadget’s charger in your packing list, and keep them organized.


Where to buy:  Gadget Charger Organizer available at https://traveloutlet.multiply.com



3. Digital Luggage Scale


Travelers, do you agree that Ground Attendants are the scariest person you would meet in the airport aside from Immigration Officer? These attendants with their crisp uniform have the power to tell you the dreaded line “excess baggage!!”. I am sure all the shopaholics are nodding with me.


You need to be armed with Digital Luggage Scale to give you an idea how much your luggage weighs (everyday.. if everyday means shopping for you!).


When I didn’t have one yet, what I do is weigh myself in a traditional weighing scale, 

carry the bag, and do the math (total weight less my weight = total baggage weight)!


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 4


This Digital Weighing Scale weighs item in pounds and kilograms.


Where to buy:  Rustan’s Department Store



4. Medications with Prescription


I am sure your parents have also told you to bring a medicine kit – with the usual mefenamic acid, loperamide, ibuprofen and paracetamol tablets and capsules.  Aside from these, always bring your prescription drugs, even topical ones (with doctor’s prescription – as some countries might require this documentation).


The last thing that you wanted is to get sick when traveling.


Where to buy: Ask your doctor or check the nearest drug store



5. Swimwear


I always pack a pair of swimwear whenever I travel (for business or leisure) even if swimming is not part of the itinerary. Who knows, the place where you are staying might have a nice pool, or near an exotic beach. It always pays to be ready to take a dive!


Where to buy:  Whichever store with swimwear that fits!



6. Your Special Dress or Decent Formal Wear (for guys) + Shoes


We all have that special dress/piece of clothing that just fits perfectly and gives us the confidence we need. Something that we always thought of wearing during job interview, big presentation or just when we are meeting someone extra special. Take it with you on your next trip. You never know who you are going to meet – it could be Batman, the Queen, or Prince Harry.


Lookie, I was not even wearing my special dress yet, and I met Spiderman and Batman!




Where to buy: Check out your favorite stores and brands!



7. Tape


Not the tape that holds your favorite songs, but packing tape to seal liquid bottles. This can also be used to compress plastics when packing, or to remove lints from your delicate clothes. Packing tape has become so useful during travels, so make sure that you have a roll with you whenever you travel.


 Seal liquid bottles with tape as pressure in the plane might cause the liquid to spill




Where to buy: Costs less than Php50 from your favorite bookstore or office supplies outlet



8. An Eco Bag or Re-usable Plastic


Use the eco-bag to hold anything extra in your luggage that your luggage allowance can no longer accommodate, or bring it whenever you shop to save on a few cents (some stores charge extra for shopping bag). The material is usually water-resistant so you can even bring it for island-hopping. It is not too bulky to keep inside your bag, plus at the end of the trip, you can use this to separate your dirty clothes.


My favorite eco bag was with me during the Ilocos Trip..


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.. even in Boracay,


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also in Coron, Palawan and Beijing 🙂


Where to buy: Costs around Php100 available at your favorite department store



9. Scarf


It is just a piece of cloth but can do a lot of things. It works as a cover-up when the sun is up, and it serves as a shawl that keeps you warm when it is freezing. Throw it around your neck to give your basic tee a new look, or wrap around your head during bad hair days.



wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 2


A scarf can also be used to wrap bundle your clothes, or as a shock absorber when packing fragile items.


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 5


Where to buy: Landmark Department Store has really nice scarves for only Php299



10. Your Smart Phones/Tablets


It has your contacts (to connect to your loved ones), your calendar (so you can plan your itinerary), your music player (to keep you entertained), your alarm (so you won’t miss your flight!), your notepad (to write your thoughts) and it is your gateway to connect to the world when you get lost.


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 7


You don’t need to bring every gadget you own when traveling, but you do need to bring a good sleeve/case for your smart phone. With all the traveling, flying and rough road driving that you will encounter, it is always good to have your gadgets protected with good and durable sleeves.


Halo Mobile Clothing offers variety of fashionable gadgets casing and sleeves from laptop,

net book, tablets, mobile phones and even external drives.


wheninmanila.thingstopacktravel 6


Where to buy:  iPad2/iPad3 Case Php 895 and Samsung Galaxy Pocket Phone Case Phpp295

available at Halo Mobile Store



When in Manila, traveling is much more fun if you feel like you were Mary Poppins with all the things you need in your bag. So like what When in Manila is always telling you, grab your bag and have fun on your next trip!



 When in Manila, Travel Tips: 10 Things to Pack When Traveling