INSPIRING: Traffic Enforcer Helps Out the Handicapped Elderly

One of our readers reached out to us to share an inspiring story of a traffic enforcer who went out of his way to help out a handicapped elderly.

Louie Saguinsin posted photos of this incident on his Facebook page.

He said:

Habang nag bibike pauwi galing MOA nakita ko itong TRAFFIC ENFORCER na tinutulungang tumawid ang isang BULAG NA MATANDANG LALAKE kaya ako napahinto at napabalik at nakita ko binilhan siya ng traffic enforcer ng tubig.

*photo was taken at Taft Avenue cor. San Marcelino

(Rough translation: While on my way from MOA riding my bike, I saw a traffic enforcer helping a blind elderly. So, I stopped and decided to go back. I also saw the traffic enforcer buy the man some water.)

Police helps elderly (2) Police helps elderly (3) Police helps elderly (1)

It’s nice to see stories of random acts of kindness like this one. Yet, I dream that one day random acts of kindness will be the common thing we do and not so rare that we have to write stories about it. I hope that day comes soon.

Anything to add to this story? Share your thoughts with us.

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