Infinite’s Endless Potential Overflows Tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum!

0 Infinite Destiny


Living in a small dorm with their big dreams, Infinite had their share of humble beginnings. Living up to their name which means having infinite potential, now is their time to show what they’ve got and finally spread their wings. Destined for greatness, the group with endless charm now stands on stage. Get to know more about Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong!


1 Sunggyu


Infinite potential: Singing

The leader of the group started singing when he was still in high school with his band Beat. Sunggyu not only have a lot of singing parts in their songs, he also has his own solo album – Another Me. One of the tracks entitled 60 seconds ago features L.


1a dongwoo


Infinite potential: Rapping

Rappers tend to carry a bad boy image, but Dongwoo is known for his big heart. The members will pull pranks at him but he never gets mad. He’s the type who will probably really rap the lyrics from Infinite H’s Special Girl to the girl he likes. Also known for his unique looks, he is often called “Kenyan” despite being a Korean. 


3 Hoya


Infinite potential: Dancing

The dancing machine with a sweet singing voice who is also appearing at dramas nowadays, Hoya is the triple threat of the group. For their song Before The Dawn, Hoya was the only one who can do the Scorpion Dance, but with everyone’s persistence they were able to pull off the stunt flawlessly! 




Infinite potential: Fan Service! 

He has the voice to serenade women and sweetness to draw them in. Woohyun is best at making cutesy poses and at interacting (and proposing on stage!) with his fans. He’s also really good at cooking! Making him a real ladies’ man. 


6 Sungyeol


Infinite potential: PR Skills

During one of their shows, Sesame Player, Sungyeol was the one who went to all the stores asking them to play their song. He even encouraged just about anyone to buy their album and listen to Come Back Again in one of the CD stores they stopped by at. He’s also very talkative, hyper and loves to pull pranks. This earned him the nickname “Choding”, also known as an elementary school kid.


6a Infinite L


Infinite potential: Visual

L is everywhere. The face of the group does dramas, music video appearances, commercial modeling and photoshoots. Although he doesn’t talk much before, when he does, it often creates a big impact. Tablo and Mithra from their show You’re My Oppa once told him that even if he stays still people will notice him because of his pretty face and that he doesn’t really need to exert extra effort. Although he does. 




Infinite potential: Girl Group Dances

Sungjong is often regarded as looking like a pretty damsel. His porcelain-like skin and demure personality can really compete with the ladies. And with accurate steps while maintaining his signature sexiness when dancing to girl group dances, Sungjong can probably knockdown female competitors if they’re not ready!

Infinite in Manila


So When In Manila, know that there are endless reasons to catch more of this group’s infinite charms at 7PM tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Be with them as they embark on their journey and take another great step as they imprint their mark in history! See you there!

Infinite’s Endless Potential Overflows Tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum!



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