Infinite in Manila: Top 5 Reasons to Watch This Korean Boy Group’s Concert As They Take One Great Step on Nov 3!

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Infinite in Manila: Top 5 Reasons to Watch This Korean Boy Group’s Concert As They Take One Great Step on Nov 3!


Known for their synchronized dance moves, flower boy looks and song lyrics that can make them sound like obsessed lovers (who you would still like to stay!), Infinite takes One Great Step towards their dream and also to every Filipina Inspirit’s heart. Here are five great reasons to see Infinite in Manila!


1.) Come Back Again

 “I can’t give up on you like this. Come back again, you are the only one I have. Please give me one more chance.”


First Great Reason: Infinite‘s debut song “Come Back Again” showcases their skills and group coordination early on. They even garnered attention before their official debut. Netizens called them super rookies and a lot of their seniors picked them as a promising group. Their fresh concept that’s between manly and dandy also sets them apart from princely and beastly images, making you want to Come Back Again and again.


2.) Before The Dawn  

 “Before the dawn, I want to capture you no matter what. I don’t want to lose you, you must love me. I’ll hold on tightly so you can’t leave. I’ll grab on to you so I won’t have to cry. No matter how many times you throw me away, I’m never going to let you go.”


Second Great Reason: A huge level up from their first music video. Infinite became a popular name in the industry thanks to their mind-blowing Scorpion Dance (2:15 everyone!) Practicing Before The Dawn until midnight definitely paid off! The possessive boyfriend may be coming out of their lyrics, but who wouldn’t want to be captured by those gazes?  Men in suits vying for your undivided interest – how could you refuse?


 3.)  Be Mine

“Be mine. I’ll take care of you until the end. I’ll cover up your deep scars and make you smile. I’ll make you mine.” 


Third Great Reason: “Be Mine” was their way to popularity. It’s the first song that won them a top spot in music shows and charts. Unlike BTD, this song is less brooding yet equally intense. I’m quite sure a lot of of fangirls (and even boys) became theirs (their fans, that is) after this song was released. 


4.) Nothing’s Over

“Nothing’s over. I’ll never let you go. Hold me even if we’re drifting apart. I can’t let this end, you can’t meet another guy.”


Fourth Great Reason: Nothing’s Over yet. The members if Infinite also shine individually as they showcase their own unique colors. Sunggyu recorded his solo album entitled Another Me; Woohyun joined Immortal Song and further proved his vocal prowess; Sungyeol is finally fulfilling his dream to act in sitcoms; L‘s pretty face can now be seen in different dramas and he even has his own photobook called L’s Bravo Viewtiful; Hoya is one of the cast members of the top rated cable show Reply 1997 and also formed sub-unit Infinite H with fellow member Dongwoo; and Sungjong continuously impresses (Lee Hyori even acknowledged him!) with his (ten-te-ne-nen!) solo girl dances in variety shows!


5.) Lately

  “Maybe I still love you. The confession I never made, the love that remains in me, I wanna give it to you know. The love that you gave me, I want to give it all to you now.  It’s time to bring her back.”


Fifth Great Reason: Their songs might have toned down, but their success rate is still as aggressive as ever. Lately, the company that handles them – Woolim Entertainment merged with SM Entertainment (artists include Super Junior, EXO K and M, SNSD, f(x) and Shinee!) under its new subsidiary SM C&C as they create an independent new label called Woollim Label! There’s bound to be a surprise waiting for both SM and Woolim fans!



Infinite in Manila


So When In Manila, catch Infinite as they take One Great Step in achieving their goals and give you another great reason to to keep an eye on them. Infinite in Manila happens on November 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Buy your tickets now! This will surely be one night to remember! 🙂



Infinite in Manila: Top 5 Reasons to Watch This Korean Boy Group’s Concert As They Take One Great Step on Nov 3!


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