IN PHOTOS: Village People Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary in the Philippines

village people 1

The Village People still has it! Jim Newman (cowboy), Bill Whitefield (construction worker), Felipe Rose (Native American,), Eric Anzalone (biker), Ray Simpson (cop), and Alex Briley (soldier) wowed the crowd with their vocals and “walang kupas” dance moves during their one-night concert.

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Called the “Kings of Disco,” the group sang crowd favorites such as “Macho Man,” “In The Navy,” and “Y.M.C.A.” The Village People even taught the crowd how to properly dance “Y.M.C.A.” and emphasized that if they get the chance to dance the iconic song again, this time they can tell their friends they learned the moves from the Village People themselves.

Families, couples, and a lot of mothers celebrated Mother’s Day and the Village People’s 40th Anniversary last May 14 at the KIA Theater. It’s no surprise; the group had chart-topping songs back in the 1970’s. From yuppies to seniors, the crowd danced the night away with the group’s rocking moves and their contagious energy.

village people

The night ended with the group thanking the crowd for spending their weekend with them.

And if you miss them, re-live your disco song memories with their hit song “YMCA.” (Because disco never dies!)

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