Coldplay Live in Manila: An Adventure of a Lifetime

After 17 years, Coldplay finally held a solo concert titled “Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams” in Manila last April 4 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. The band performed their hit songs: “Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “Fix You,” and “Everglow,” among others.

An outstanding performance combined with a visually pleasing stage, Coldplay didn’t fail to impress their fans (of all ages) who waited 17 years to finally see the band perform live. Some fans who couldn’t get tickets even went to creative measures, just to see them live!

The beginning of their show was simply exhilarating. Their energy felt like it was their first show EVER, but their professionalism made it obvious that they’re skilled musicians with years and years of practice. What I loved most about their stage is how grand everything was, even if it was only the beginning of the show: starting from the butterfly confetti to the sudden fireworks. It was also very nice to see the boys performing with the Philippine flag behind them during their third song, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.”

A week has passed and it just proves that the magic of Coldplay still lingers to the thousands of fans who saw them live. Let us relive that night through what fellow Coldplay fans have to say:

“Coldplay was surreal and the entire experience was truly magical. Easily one of the best concerts I have ever gone to!”

Marvyn N.



“Seeing my favorite band sing their beautiful songs live was a dream come true! Thank you for such a surreal and magical night that brought me through a whirlwind of emotions. It was an adventure of a lifetime! I love you, Coldplay!”

Elaine V.


“Coldplay was beyond memorable for me because for a few hours I was able to escape reality and be one with the crowd as we sing along to Chris Martin’s voice, as he serenaded us all night. Thank you, Coldplay for bringing me and my girlfriend Erika closer as we sang our feelings out to Yellow. It was one hell of a fairytale concert.”

Jan H.


“Thank you, Coldplay for producing songs that made my brother and I smile and dance the entire night. I swear that was the only time he danced in public.”

Maria P.


“It was an extraordinary experience being with different people, different race, and different personalities, celebrating love. It was a wonderful experience that will always be in our hearts. Every time I close my eyes, I remember the moment where the crowd was singing, holding the hands of their loved ones, and hugging each other. It was perfectly beautiful.”

Kathleen A.

Chris Martin is such an amazing and talented guy that he even wrote an original song ON THE SPOT, for the Philippines. Check out the video below:

The concert lasted 2 hours, without really having a major intermission in between songs. It honestly felt like the whole world stopped for a moment. Anything felt possible, and everything felt like magic. I’m sure everyone is hoping for another Coldplay concert in the future; another chance to see the boys in the flesh, another chance to wear those XYLObands and sing along with thousands of people. You really have to be there, to feel this one of a kind experience.

Thank you, Coldplay and MMI Live for one of the best nights on this lifetime.

Words by: Courtney Sayson and Gia Soriano
Photos by: Gia Soriano



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