IN PHOTOS: Kelsey Merritt and Olympian boyfriend tour the Philippines’ beaches

After a hectic few months for Kelsey Merritt (from the Victoria Secret runway to a spot in Sports Illustrated), the opportunity to come back home and take the ultimate beach getaway was too good to pass up on. With Olympic swimmer (and boyfriend) Conor Dwyer in tow, this model has mapped out a non-stop itinerary. The pair made their first stop in El Nido, Palawan and are currently in Boracay. Afterward, they’ll be making the trip to Siargao.

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Check out some of their photos below:

Before even hitting the beaches or taking in the sun, Kelsey had one thing on her mind: street food!

Conor shared that the couple had actually been saving up for this vacation since they wanted to maximize their time here. He told ABS-CBN:

From Manila, we go to Palawan and then Boracay and then finishing in Siargao. I am a surfer so I think it’s only right that I check it out. Kels and I have been cold for months so we are excited to go to a warm island and her homeland. It’s pretty special.

As if that wasn’t enough to make us jealous, just check out these next photos where everything about them is perfect:

And here are her first couple of photos since landing in Boracay:

Looking at all those photos probably made you want at least one of the following: to look as good as Kelsey, to be having as good a time as Kelsey, or to actually be Kelsey. We can’t really help you out with the last one but you can get closer to the first by checking out her beauty secrets here. And you can have your own dream getaway by checking out our list of underrated vacation spots in the Philippines.

Where else do you think this couple should have stopped by for the ultimate beach experience?