10 underrated vacation spots for you to visit in the Philippines this summer!

Strange to say for an archipelago like the Philippines, but sometimes it really feels like everyone chooses to go to the same handful of vacation spots. The typical holiday haunts have become overcrowded and changed from the landscapes we used to know. That, or visiting the same places year after year has become tiresome.

This summer, why not try out a few lesser known spots for a quick getaway?

10. Lingayen Beach 


While the city of Lingayen in Pangasinan recently underwent a tourism boom, the Lingayen Long Beach still very much remains laid-back. The wide expanse means that even a sizeable crowd won’t bother you — and with the endless blue view, it’s not as if you’ll even notice the people around you. If you’re looking for a new Labour Day getaway, the beach serves as a celebration spot for their festival held on the same day, Pista’y Dayat.

You can get there by taking a bus to Lingayen, Pangasinan.

9. Doljo Beach 


Situated on the island of Panglao in Bohol, Doljo beach endures as one of the quieter options. It is said to be ‘unexplored and undeveloped’, meaning its white sand and crystal waters are very much natural. The vivid marine life, lively coconut trees, and distinct seashells come to complete the beach. It also houses some nearby dive spots: the Doljo House Reef and the Doljo Point dive site.

You can get to Panglao Island by taking a flight to Tagbilaran, then a trike or taxi.

8. Treasure Mountain & Pililla’s windmills


Only a short distance from Manila, Rizal makes a great getaway for those who may not have the luxury of time for an extended vacation. While a good number of people already visit Antipolo City with Pinto Art Museum and Hinulugang Taktak as popular destinations, there are still some under-appreciated spots left.

There are claims that Pililla’s windmills are comparable to those in Ilocos Norte, and the pineapple hills they are situated on only add to its charms. While Treasure Mountain offers the chance to glimpse that much sought after sea of clouds. The best part is that the peak is accessible by vehicles, for those who aren’t on the sporty side.

You can get to Rizal by jeeps, vans, or buses bound for Antipolo.

7. Casapsapan Beach


Aurora might already be a pretty popular destination, especially for those looking to surf in Baler, but that just makes it easier to get to the ‘hidden’ spots of the province. Casapsapan beach, in particular, is recommended for its fine sand, clear waters, and calm aura. Located in Casiguran, the area also holds fame as one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Luzon.

You can get there by taking a bus to Baler, then a van to Casiguran.

6. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park


Only newly reopened, this park stands as a significant conservation success story in the Philippines. It is a 3,673-hectare rainforest filled with varied flora and fauna (some of which are even endangered), a lake to kayak in, and an exciting trekking path.

You can get there by taking a flight to Legazpi City and hiring a van to Bulusan.

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